Are saltwater pools safe?

Saltwater pools are the new and modern pools. They are designed as an update to the old chlorinated pools. They are the proper alternative for the old traditional pool. Though they don’t have those harsh chlorine tablets, but still have a good amount of dissolved chlorine. Mainly a saltwater pool contains ten times lesser dissolved salt than that of oceans. People often question what actually makes the saltwater pools different from the chlorinated pools when they both have chlorine?. So basically, it is the process that differs. The saltwater pool uses electrolysis to create chlorine, and this process also helps to clean the pool. Salt water pool pros and cons are discussed in the article further.

There are a number of saltwater pool pros and cons.

First, let’s talk about the different pros of a saltwater pool

  • Experiments have proved that when a high amount of choline is exposed to human skin, it may cause many complications. Not only to skin, but the salts can also can affect eyes. Since the saltwater pool has a low concentration of dissolved chlorine in it, you can have a fun time out there. It is more healthy and gentle to your body.
  • Due to saltwater pools, the owners are forced to handle and store unsafe chemicals. The researchers show that the extra amount of chlorine can cause many fatal and life-threatening disorders. It is always suggested that these pools are much safer than the normal chlorinated one.
  • The water consistency changes a lot in a saltwater pool. If you carefully observe, you can feel the water being much lighter. Such a texture of the water is highly appreciated, and many of the people like it.
  • It never gets disturbed from the preset concentration of salts. The saltwater system automatically generates salts from the salt cells and keeps the concentration at a constant value. It keeps a check on the amount of dissolved salt and only produces salt when needed.
  • Since most of the work like maintaining the pool, cleaning it, and regulating it is done by the fixed machines, the pools are very easy to handle.
  • The smell from the stored pool water is a big concern in traditionally chlorinated pools. The saltwater pools are not having such problems as a bad smell.

When you talk of Saltwater pool pros and cons, you can appreciate the pool as it is having more of the positive aspect, but there are some cons too-

  • If you are going to opt for a traditional pool, it will cost you, but one can, however, afford it by cutting off some expenses from his list, but with the saltwater pool, you have to invest a lot. It works on heavy machinery and is complexly organized and maintained automatically; hence you will be spending a lot.
  • The complexity of the saltwater pool is very high. You can’t fix it on your own. Even if you are facing a mall problem, you have to call a technician to repair it. Though the pool is relaxing and great but still t is too way hard to afford.
  • The most ironic thing about this pool is that it still has dissolved chlorine in it. You might have reduced the amount and keep it regulated, but the salt is still gonna affect your skin.
  • You can’t take a lot of things to the pools. The special items can damage your items and hence is a big risk.
  • Now, talking of the salt cells. Though they are a great installment, but also needs to be cleaned and replaced regularly. This is one of the most expensive items in a saltwater pool, and you will have to change it from time to time


There are many things that separate and make a saltwater pool different from the others. When you have a glance at saltwater pool pros and cons, you are left in the dilemma of investing in such an item. The pool is actually very impressive, and with the features as the alt generator and regulator, it is a must buy, but if you live in a middle-class family, it is definitely not your thing. The expenses are too much and if said the pool is quite a waste of money for such people. And to answer our question yes it is safe to use and better than a traditional pool. 

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