Debunking Myths about Fantasy Cricket Gaming

DFantasy sports that once began as a niche hobby for sports enthusiasts have today become the billion-dollar industry. With digital growth and continuous innovation fantasy sports have opened the doors to cricket lovers to get closer to their game and favorite players. However, unfortunately, a lot of people are still stuck with perplexity. There are numerous myths and misconceptions regarding the fantasy cricket. Therefore, to bring forth the facts and debunk misconceptions this article reveals some common myths surrounding fantasy cricket.

Here we go….

MYTH 1: Fantasy Cricket is a luck-based game

This is one of the most common myths. But it’s absolutely wrong because fantasy cricket is a predication game and not luck-based. You have a number of statistics on games, players, and particular leagues available at your disposal. The more you research the more knowledge you gain and you can use this information to make a wise decision. Moreover, there are numerous factors that you need to consider while selecting the team so that yield better results in tournaments.

MYTH 2: It is only for Cricket Fans

 The next myth in the row is- fantasy games are only for cricket lovers. Well, that’s again a mistaken thing. Fantasy games are for everyone, whether you are a sports fan or not. Even if you are better at analysis and statistics, fantasy sports can interest you. Moreover, apart from cricket, there are many games available which you can select as per your fascination.

MYTH 3: Fantasy Cricket is only available during IPL.

 Not true! Several apps provide you access to domestic as well as international cricket matches. Almost throughout the year cricket matches are being played at some of the other countries. Thus, you always have a chance to pick the team and make predictions for fantasy cricket.

MYTH 4: Playing Fantasy Cricket Requires a lot of time and money

The developments of technology are now able to provide you more customized experiences. The various fantasy gaming apps such as Gamezy fantasy cricket app provide you options that help you set language, location, and device as per your preferences. Moreover, the app also adjusts its settings according to the type of person playing. For example, if you are a working professional then the app will offer you statistics and other important information to make accurate predictions. And if you are a student then you will get options to play with an investment as little as possible. 

MYTH 5: Fantasy Cricket can only be played on desktop

Wrong! Many fantasy gaming websites offer you app versions. The technology developments have provided more convenient means for users to access and play fantasy games. Most of the fantasy sports websites have apps for the Android Play Store and Ios App store. Thereby, you can play your fantasy games through applications from anywhere at any time.

 Hence, these were the common myths debunked. I hope these facts helped you explore the true aspects of fantasy cricket gaming.

So, play responsibly and have unlimited fun!

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