How To Protect Your Child When They Are Gaming Online

Technology introduced not only us but also our children to a whole new gaming world. Today, it is quite typical to see a child glued to their smartphone for the best part of the day. And as a parent, this for sure is a major concern. For one, you might be having questions such as, what are they learning through the game? Is it beneficial? Are they safe? And so on. Well, the online space is one to be very cautious of. Today, with the rising number of fraudsters, you need to ensure that your child is safe even as they enjoy playing online.

Below are some few ways you can protect your child’s safety;

1.    Check the age restrictions of the games

Most online games come with age restrictions. Truth be told; since most of them focus on making money, some might not be very strict with the age. As such, you might find your child playing a game that is not age-appropriate without them necessarily knowing. Therefore, before you even hand over the tablet to your kid, ensure that you confirm the age restriction of the game. Find out if the content is suitable for them. So much so, you can try playing the game yourself for a few minutes to find out the language being used on the games. If the language is rather foul, feel free to block that game so that your child cannot access it.

2.    Agree time limits with your child

Children do enjoy playing Beyblade Games, which are one of the kids’ favourite online games. However, you also need to set time limits for them. And this is best done from the moment they get to know about these games. We all know how kids can throw tantrums after you take the tablet from them, but, when you let them know in advance about their gaming time, you for sure will have an easy time. Remember, gaming addiction is real even in children, and for you to prevent that from happening, then you need to take the necessary steps. Besides gaming online, you should also let your child have some time to study and play outdoor games. Being stuck on online games does them no good in the long run.

3.    Always supervise your child’s gaming

In as much as you might find games that are suitable for your child in terms of age, you need to know that it does not substitute any of your parenting roles. As a parent, you need to be hands on. From time to time, join your child and see how they are playing. We cannot neglect the fact that children are curious beings meaning that they can want to try other games in your absence. But when you randomly check on them, it is easy for you to identify anything fishy and correct them immediately. Furthermore, you can also be monitoring the search history of your child to be sure they did not try playing a game that is not within their age bracket.

4.    Talk to your child about online gaming regularly

As your child gets to know more about online games, it is important to talk to your child about the same regularly. Tell them that they should never exchange any personal information in these online gaming platforms and that they need to report any type of bullying directly to you. Unfortunately, sometimes your child might be getting bullied without your knowledge, but when you keep on talking to them, it becomes easier for them to open up to you. Once in a while, ask your child what they are learning from the games they are playing. So much so, encourage your child to play fairly and respect other players.

5.    Monitor the game chat rooms

In as much as your child needs their own privacy, it is vital to get to know who your child is talking to online. Children are vulnerable and might get lured very easily. As such, once in a while, look at the chats they are having with other gamers. If the chat is somewhat inappropriate, first talk to your child and if possible, report or block players who seem to be misleading your young one.

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