3 Features to Consider When Choosing an iRecovery Hot Tub for the Disabled

There’s nothing better than a built-in outdoor spa to help you relax and recharge the batteries after a long day. Setting time aside to rejuvenate and rest yourself in the warmth of your hot tub is the ultimate recovery.

Usually, such luxurious rehabilitation is associated with long vacationsrather than a short break. So having an outdoor spa at home is certainly an idea worth exploring. It is specifically beneficial for disabled people who have difficulty getting into a swim spa.

However, choosing the right hot tub for the disabled requires more considerable attention.

To help you out, here are some things to consider when choosing an iRecovery hot tub for people with disabilities.

1) Style of Seating

Whether you take relaxing therapy or iRecovery whirlpool bath, your hot tub bath should have a comfortable seating arrangement. Make sure that your chosen hot tub offers greater accessibility for disabled individuals.

Different varieties include lounge seats, cool-down seats, and therapeutic comfort seats, among others. If you focus on relaxation, and then lounge seats will be perfect for you. They will allow you to lie almost horizontally in the water to create a weightless feeling.

On the other hand, therapeutic comfort seats should be your choice for a soothing massage. It is because they provide excellent relief to your neck, back, spine, and shoulders.

Furthermore, there are the cool-down seats that are suitable for transitions. As the most relaxed portion of the whole setup, it is convenient for you to get in and out of the iRecovery hot tub. These seats are also suitable for foot, ankle, and leg massages.

iRecovery whirlpool bath

2) Water Filtration

Whether you prefer iRecovery whirlpool bath or a spa swim, the water filtration mechanism of your hot tub is essential. A faulty or unreliable systemmeansthat the water is not correctly clean and safe enough for your health.

The water filtration mechanism need toget rid of all accumulated debris as well as microorganisms not visible to the naked eye.Most standard water purification systems in iRecovery hot tubsare to utilize salt water, ozone, and UV treatments for cleanliness purposes.

In a saltwater setup, the naturally produced chlorine is used to kill all the germs. To add bromine or chlorine tablets into the water is one of the simplest ways of doing this. A lot of people will prefer it as the water tends to feel silkier and softer with a salt purification mechanism.

The second type is the ozone systemwhich uses a combination of bromine and chlorine to get rid of all bacteria. Moreover, the ozosystem which own residue material from shampoo, soap, body lotions, and anything else that might mix with the water after your relaxation routine. On the contrary to this, the UV (ultraviolet) setup is a relatively recent phenomenon. It uses a high-intensity UV beam to eliminate all types of germs and bacteria.

Water Filtration

3) Water Pump

The water pump takes care of all circulation and jet streams in the built-in outdoor spa or hot tub. Different models have different types of water pumping processes. Some use a single pump for different functions such as jet power, water pressure, adjustment of seat streams, etc. Others may use more than one.

Your choice of the pump (and ultimately hot tub) should be based on your preferred water speed and jet power. Go for a model that will satisfy these needs as well as any other needs you may have.

Ease of Accessibility

Besides these features, your chosen iRecovery hot tub for the disabled should have electric lifting columns to deliver them into the spas safely. Here my best recommendation is iRecovery Spas from JNJ SPAS which is renowned for selling high-quality spa products. The spa features paramedics allow disabled individuals to move into and out of a spa with a special wheelchair without moving.

If you need further assistance to choose an iRecovery for yourself or loved ones, feel free to contact us. We will begladto help.

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