Understanding How Bowflex Max Trainer Works

Doing body workouts is essential for your health. It helps you regenerate your body muscles, cut down excess fat, and create efficient blood circulation. You are, therefore, less vulnerable to diseases such as heart attack, hypertension, obesity, among other conditions compared to a person who doesn’t do body workout. The biggest challenge comes when you have a hectic work schedule that you may end up consuming your time for the gym. Since work is pre-requisite to achieving your basic needs, it is inevitable, and you, therefore, need to do the body workout at home. Bowflex max trainer is one of the best workout trainers designed for at-home use. It works out different body muscles by combining the action of the upper body with stair climbing. To understand how the Bowflex max trainer works, you first need to know about its features.

Features of Bowflex max trainer

The following features are common in all the three types, which include the Bowflex max trainer M3, M5, and M7.

Adjustable resistance controllers

You can easily set your custom resistance to fit your workout needs using the controllers at the handlebars. Typically, the resistance level is variable between 8 to 20 levels depending on the type of the Bowflex max trainer you are using.

Built-in workout programs

The Bowflex max trainer comes with integrated programs such as the super-quick max interval program that offers an excellent 14-minute workout. This does not, however, bar you from developing your custom workout programs, which are executable on manual mode.

The display for burn rate

The Bowflex max trainer’s burn rate monitor records and shows the number of calories you have burnt per minute of exercise. It can hold information for various users, which can be shared through Bluetooth using the free max trainer app.

The display for heart rate

Using the inbuilt handgrip monitor for heart rate, all Bowflex max trainers are capable of displaying the heart rate. Such information will help track and adjust your fitness level.  

Inbuilt water bottle holder

Due to the increased metabolism caused by aerobic processes, the body becomes dehydrated faster than normal. You, however, don’t have to interrupt your workout going for water since the water is at your convenience. All you need to do is to detach the inbuilt bottle and get hydrated.

Media shelf

Having a song play or viewing a video can be entertaining. Some videos also provide a live workout guide, which is very beneficial. Due to the above reasons, the Bowflex max trainer offers a shelf for holding such entertaining/ informative devices such as tablets and smartphones.

How Bowflex max trainer works

Once you set your workout program and the resistance, the Bowflex max trainer will record and display your progress on the cardio activity, burning of calories and allow you to send the same information to your smart device. It operates in a natural, calm, and rhythmic way to ensure that not only your upper and lower body muscles get worked out well, but also energizes your circulatory and respiratory systems. Want to know more about bowflex max trainer? Visit calibrate.fitness to get more information.


You must have liked the great features of Bowflex max trainers. Having one at home will not only help in maintaining your body muscles but will also help you say goodbye to various health ailments.

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