Top Kodi 17 Builds Users can try for More Content Access on Krypton

As many know by, Kodi is the latest name of the old XBMC media center. Version 17 or Kodi is known by the name “Krypton.” Some of the older versions of Kodi are Jarvis = Kodi v16, Isengard = Kodi v15, etc.

Some of the noticeable features on the latest Kodi Krypton are the need for an operating system from Android 5.0 or higher, better speed, top-notch performance compared to previous versions, etc.

Installing Kodi 17 Builds

Installation of Kodi 17 builds much easier and similar to how we did for Kodi 16 Builds.  However, as Kodi 17 Skin is a bit different from the old, you may consider a few things before installing.

  • You need to notice that the “Settings” menu is now represented by a “gear” icon on the home screen.
  • The file manager can be seen under the gear icon (old Settings menu)
  • Kodi 17 may warn you while installing he Addons from unknown sources

Before looking at how to install Kodi, let’s quickly check a few good VPNs for accessing the dark web.

Best choices in VPN for safe, dark web access

Further, we will discuss some top VPNs you can use while accessing the dark web to mask you from the third parties and ISPs. In fact, the dark web can only be accessed through anonymous networks like Tor. In an ideal setup, your internet browsing activities are twice encrypted, first by Tor and then by the VPN. Your ISP sees only encrypted traffic, which then gets into the VPN server and then gets decrypted and enters into the Tor node. Let’s further explore some of the top available VPNs for this purpose.


ExpressVPN can work well on different devices and also accepts anonymous payment.

Pros: There is a no log policy, security is top end, VPN is very fast and highly stable, and it accepts bitcoin transactions too.

Cons: The VPN is a bit expensive than many others.


Nord is a veteran VPN what offers a zero log policy and has a widespread server network with Tor over VPN options.

Pros: No log, greater security, Tor over VPN servers, and accepting bitcoin.

Cons: The desktop app of NordVPN is a bit sluggish.

Some other budget-friendly choices of VPN for the dark web are PrivateVPN, CyberGhost, IPVanish, to name a few.

Installing Kodi 17 Build

  • Go to Kodi 17 home screen and click on the gear icon
  • Go to the ‘File Manager’
  • Choose ‘Add Source’
  • Click on “NONE” and enter the URL
  • Enter the name
  • Choose OK
  • Now press the ‘Back’ button on the Kodi remote or press the Esc button on a PC keyboard
  • From the home screen, access Add-Ons
  • Choose Program Add-Ons
  • Select the option as to Select Install from the Zip File
  • Map to the new source name you added
  • Choose the option of “begin-here.”

Some of the top Kodi 17 Builds are Config Wizard, No Limits Magic Build, Hard Nox by SpinzTV, Tomb Raider Build, Schism Build, etc. 

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