How to Find Your Ideal Motorhome

An increasing number of people are falling in love with motorhome life for all kinds of reasons. There are the adventurous couples or singles that love to spend most of their free time on the road. There are families with young children looking for an economical and fun summer holiday. And there are people who want a change of scenery every now and again, and like being outdoors. Your reasons for owning a motorhome affect your choice of vehicle. The size of the van, its features and the capabilities of the vehicle will ultimately depend on how you want to use your motorhome and who will be using it.

To make the best decision, look at this quick guide to the motorhome purchase process.

How Will You Use Your Motorhome?

If you intend to spend an extended amount of time on the road in your motorhome you will need to consider a vehicle offering good storage facilities, a large fresh water supply tank and effective batteries. This is particularly important if you intend to camp in the wild, away from campsites (which is possible in Scotland). If long drives are your thing, consider how comfortable the van is for driving. Perhaps you may consider an automatic transmission. If you intend to camp at campgrounds and use your motorhome for short periods of time, you can look at smaller models with fewer features to keep the price down, since you will have easy access to showers, shops and supplies.

Are You Looking for Luxury?

Many people want the true home-from-home experience on the road. They need large and comfortable beds, a kitchen with modern conveniences, a shower and toilet plus extras that give a luxurious touch such as music players and air conditioning. If, on the other hand, you want to get away from it all and get back to nature, you’ll love a compact campervan with fewer features. Luckily there are many different makes and models available in varying price ranges with different levels of luxury, including in the Carado motorhomes Scotland range.

How Many People are Travelling?

This basic question affects how many beds and seats you need. It will also affects the layout of the motorhome and the facilities you ill need on board. Think about what you will do if it rains all day. Will you all be comfortable inside the van? Do you have enough space to seat everyone for an evening meal? Do you want a bathroom or can you use campground facilities and use that space for more seating or beds? It is worth looking at different configurations and even trying out some vans on a hire basis before you make up your mind. If two people will be sharing the driving, make sure that both are happy with the choice of vehicle and find it comfortable to manoeuvre.

How Do You Want to Sleep?

Different motorhomes benefit from varying bed layouts and configurations, including single beds, above-cab beds, queen and king size beds, and fold-up or pull-down beds. Many people like to have a bed that remains fixed in place, to give that home-from-home appeal. Others prefer a bed that is packed away during the day to provide more living space. Consider mobility requirements if beds are suspended near the ceiling or over the cab.

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