The children – at an exotic school, the parents – on a tourism

How can we make the whole family together during the holidays and at the same time, all indulge in activities according to their interests? The truth is that no matter how friendly everyone is in the family, sometimes the kids want one, and mom and dad would prefer something else in their spare time. In addition, it is important that the activities are not only enjoyable, but also useful for the development of kids and relaxing for adults. There is a place and a way to make it happen that way. Choosing to take advantage of the hospitality of the Lucky Bansko Apart Hotel, the children will go to an exotic school and mom and dad to tourism. The Lucky kids language camp allows younger family members to combine learning English with games and entertainment.

Outdoor activities

A big plus for campers health is that many of the activities take place outdoors.


The mountain offers suitable conditions for parents to hike and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Pirin has incredible natural phenomena and unique views, and Bansko is the ideal starting point for many of the most interesting tourist routes. Furthermore, mom and dad can go down the mountain trails, confident that their children are in good hands.

The training at the children’s camp is taught by teachers for whom English is the native language. The educational program is based on the innovative principle of project training. Children are passionate about developing projects on specific topics, and thus, as well as learning the language, they gain knowledge in other areas. For surprises, every year the team changes some of the topics. Among the topical fields in which campers enrich their knowledge are space, ecology, films, art and more.

How can your child speak English without stress and strain?

While talking and playing with their peers, children speak a foreign language without stress and tension. The program includes many outdoor activities such as hikes, picnics, various sports and role-playing games. One of the most exciting activities for kids is horseback riding, which makes the language camp an exotic school.


Another favorite entertainment that arouses the competitive spirit of children is the sport of paintball. It’s a “battle”, but with completely safe weapons that fire colored balls of paint. Open-air sports can also include football and federal. Kids can bike and do yoga at will. The camps have been created to develop their talents in the field of arts – painting, music, dance.

At the International English camp, Lucky kidds accepts children between the ages of 5 and 15. Only children who are up to 7 years old are required to be accompanied. All are accommodated in five-star full-board hotel conditions. Five meals a day are provided, and the menu complies with all requirements for a healthy baby meal.

The participants in the children’s camp not only eat delicious, but also can learn the intricacies of cooking. The cookery course gives young chefs a chance to take the first steps toward Michelin stars or just have fun and taste their delicious products.

And the kids enjoy the spa pleasures

The luxury spa is quickly becoming a favorite place for both children and parents. After language activities, games or walks in the wild, everyone with the greatest pleasure is literally immersed in water pleasures. The water in the bio pools is guaranteed clean, and the safety of the kids is taken care of by qualified lifeguards.

There is another health-promoting place in the spa. You should not miss the opportunity to visit the salt room. The relax zone is made of bricks made of 100% himalayan salt and is an absolute hit in the treatment of respiratory and skin diseases. Inhalation of dry aerosols emitted by the himalayan salt when heated has an antiseptic effect and is very useful for the respiratory system. In addition, salt crystals neutralize the electromagnetic smog that accumulates due to the excessive daily use of mobile phones and computers. A 40-minute therapy in a salt room is thought to be equivalent to a 4-hour walk in a pine forest. With so many activities for the children and pleasant walks for the parents, the days of the holidays pass quickly. That’s why many families are coming back for a new dose of exotic in the mountains very soon.

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