In Bansko you will taste the best European cuisine

Do you want to enjoy a fondue prepared in accordance with the best Alpine traditions or eat Pizza with white truffle cream and grated black truffle. No need to go to Switzerland or Italy. In Bansko you can taste the best European cuisine. In the exquisite setting of Leonardo restaurant and Fondue restaurant you can make a true culinary journey, which will be a bonus to the unique natural landscapes, fresh air, ski slopes and hiking trails.

A cozy piece from Italy at Pirin

In one of the most beautiful Bulgarian mountain resorts there is a small cozy piece from Italy where they prepare authentic Mediterranean cuisine. The menu can satisfy even the most discerning guests, and everything in it is prepared with original products and spices.


You can order traditional pasta here, but in an option you have never tried. Among the interesting suggestions are:

  • Black tuna foam
  • Pappardelle with truffle and mushrooms
  • Linguines with shrimp, dried tomatoes and arugula
  • Lobster tagliatelle.

It is also worth taking the opportunity to try Tagliatelle di Vitello with black angus veal, mushroom patty and parsley in cream sauce.

Uniquely delicious and with aromatic scent from Italy is prepared on-site Pizza with Gorgonzola cheese, figs and crudo. More traditional guests will also not be disappointed. They can have Margarita or Piperone pizza, both with homemade tomato sauce. An amazing composition of flavors is Pizza Four Cheeses – with Gorgonzola, Asiago, Mozzarella, Parmesan and sour cream.


And not to be impressed that the restaurant only offers the classics of pasta and pizza, you can try something different. A good choice are Deer fillet, Organic chicken fillet Cacciatore with crispy polenta or Warm goose liver with raspberry scone and pear puree.


We rushed straight to the main course, but the attractive starters, such as: 

  • Crispy polenta with truffle emulsion
  • Parmesan egg and espumas spread. The name is a little long, but as you read it you start to feel the delicious words right on your tongue.
  • If you want something with a shorter name, you can stop by Parmigiano and you will not regret it. This traditional Italian dish is a roasted eggplant with tomato sauce, mozzarella, parmesan cheese and homemade basil pesto.

If you can’t decide on one particular appetizer, get plateau Italian sausages and a rosemary focaccia. It contains Breeze, Felino, Coppa, Brezola and Spianata Romana. You can also try another of Italy’s gastronomic masterpieces. If you take a mix of Italian cheeses and homemade raspberry towers, you will be served a combination of blue cheese, Emmental, Asiago, smoked Scamorza and Pecorino.

And for dessert from the menu of the Italian restaurant at the foot of Pirin, we recommend Panacotta of white chocolate and lime with mint sponge and raspberry marmalade or Mi-flou with mascarpone mousse and red fruits.


Real alpine cuisine in… Bansko

And since you are in the mountains, you can also enjoy real alpine cuisine in Bansko. It is offered in an elegant restaurant whose interior is inspired by the Alps and the recipes come mainly from Switzerland.

  • Classic fondue

It is now clear that the focus will be on the famous fondue. The classic fondue with cheese is made from the original Alpine cheeses Vashren and Gruer. It is served with bread cubes, boiled potatoes and pickled onions. It is consumed as bread slices are dipped in the melted cheese, using special forks with long handles.

Swiss culinary pride is traditionally cooked right at the table in front of guests, and above each table there is an absorber that pulls out all the smells. There are also varieties of fondue with meat and fish. Even in the desserts section of the menu you will find fondue – with white, milk or black chocolate. More unconventional is the fondue recipe for white chocolate, caramel and salt.

  • Raclette

And being in the alpine wave, we must definitely mention another traditional Swiss dish – Raclette. It is simple to prepare and an amazingly delicious dish, which is a half-melted Swiss cheese spread on boiled potatoes or bread.

  • Alpine hot plate meat

Menu attention is also drawn to Alpine hot plate meat. The choice is between Black angus veal bonfile, Pork bonfile, DUC Organic chicken fillet, Elena bonfile and Black angus Homemade veal sausages.

If you are on holiday in Bansko, be sure to spend some time tasting some of the best samples of European cuisine in restaurants with elegant interiors and excellent service.

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