Top 5 Men’s Accessory Organization Tips

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Don’t get like an organized closet? If you say no, you’re probably lying. It’s not something to like or dislike. It’s just the neatness that soothes the eyes. However, we are not as ready to put our effort into making our clothes at our next. Especially we men.

If you try to contradict us i.e., if you have put in your effort in organizing your closet and have been unsuccessful, this is the article for you. Your accessories are as precious as your clothes, and any ignorance can lead to their ruin. And who knows if your fashion sense is that stake after some time.

Men’s Accessories and Their Organization Tips

You probably have some favorite accessories, while some of them are just taking the space. We don’t recommend you to discard them right away but keep them safe (at least). So, let’s go through some of the best men’s accessories and their organizational tips.

a). Pocket Square Organization

One might think that a pocket square doesn’t need a separate organization. We profoundly contradict it. Also, it should be a no-brainer to store a pocket square. Isn’t it? No, that is not the case either. You have to fold them up and keep all your pocket squares in a small box. The box can be sized just as cigar storage.

Now, when it comes to folding, follow the tips. Fold them by half twice and stack them up in the box. This way, they won’t get the dreaded folding marks.

b). Sock Storage

Storing socks is probably the most common practice we do. However, most of us do it the wrong way. We tend to haphazardly throw the socks inconsistently. These practices can ruin the elasticity of your socks. Like when you cuff the holds together, your intentions are well sorted. But it can destroy the durability of your socks. Instead, do the same with the toe end of your socks, and you will be through.

c). Tie and Belt Storage

Then comes the easiest method to store these accessories, and that is tie and belt racks. While you might wonder that neckties can be hanged on a separate hanger, there are even more convenient options. You can save yourself from a lot of effort and inconvenience while sorting them when needed.

First of all, you can use a separate tie and belt organizer. You can make pairs of matching or contrasting colors for the best appearance in a formal get together. Also, your belts can be kept separately on ahanging belt organizer with all the options right in front.

Last but not least, an easy way to store your belts as rolling them up and keeping them in a drawer. But it still takes some effort from your side. So, for all the lazy people out there, the tie and belt rack is your best bet.

d). Shoe Organization

Organizing your shoes is also a widespread practice. Again, you do it wrong as far as you do not put them on separate shelves with at least one-inch distance. Any size or style of shoes can be kept on the same shelve. However, you can differentiate them by keeping a column for sports shoes, formal shoes, sneakers, etc. Or, you can also separate them based on color and occasion.

e). Wristwatch Storage

The most premium collection men have is their Wristwatches. They have that premium build and an expensive price tag that makes them even more valuable. So, you cannot compromise on their well-being. You can have a separate watch box for this purpose. The box should have features like low friction, smooth surfaces to avoid scratches and any other issues that can arise from over crammed storage.

While starting any men’s accessory, you have to keep in mind all the pain points. Anything that can damage your accessory should be avoided. And that’s the only secret for organizing your accessories in a closet.

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