Some convivial amusements for you in İcmeler

Convivial amusements

The Aegean region of Turkey is home to wonderful natural beauties. Throughout centuries people have admired and enjoyed its aesthetic excellence. Today the region is home to some of the most wonderful holiday destinations.

Bodrum, Marmaris, İcmeler are all widely visited destinations by hundreds and thousands of tourists all around the year. In this blog, you will particularly get to know about the marvellous İcmeler and the things that you can do to make your holiday more memorable.

First, let’s look at a short and informative narrative about İcmeler. Well, in short, you can consider İcmeler as a twin sister of Marmaris. From the geological perspective, and the natural outlook, both Marmaris and İcmeler look quite identical.

İcmeler is a sweet small-town overlooking the blue and peaceful bay. The town as you see it today was not the same two decades ago. It was a hub of the fishermen. But within the last 15 years things changed dramatically, and today it is one of the most visited spots from tourists across the world.

Although it looks and feels like Marmaris, actually it is a lot quieter town. And people who are looking for a calm alternative to Marmaris loves İcmeler. But calm does not mean less fun. In fact, it has a lot of fun things to do that can make your stay enjoyable. Here is a list of amusing activities that you can do during your stay in İcmeler.

Take an all-inclusive standard Boat trip

Situated on a beautiful coastline İcmeler is a great place for boating and cruising. In the midst of clear blue water and refreshing sea breeze, you can find no better option than taking a day-long relaxing boat trip.

You will be picked up from the hotel, and dropped back when your tour ends. The Boat tour starts early in the morning around 8:30 to 9:00 AM. The tour will cover a lot of aesthetic spots and islands. You will be taken to the Paradise island, and the Turunc village. Here you will get a breath-taking view of the surroundings, don’t forget to take a snap of your moments. Besides, you will also have the opportunity to buy souvenirs from the local market.

The boat trip is all-inclusive, and your Lunch is included in the package. You will also get unlimited soft and hard drinks on your tour. Overall, the tour is a best relaxing option, and you would definitely don’t want to miss something that is fun and soothing at the same time.

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Get a Premium Turkish Bath

The Turkish bath which is also known as Hammam is a cultural uniqueness, it has the legacy of the ancient Greek method of the bath. The perfect mixture of water and herbal essences is sure to soothe your soul.

Luckily in İcmeler, you will get this amazing opportunity to dive in foam and get a Turkish bath. It is a premium experience and after the bath, a bath professional will also exfoliate your dead skins. Afterwards, you will also have a very relaxing massage with essential oils.

The whole Turkish bathing experience takes a duration of 30 minutes to 2 hours, you will be escorted from and back to your hotel. You can have this refreshing experience any time of your day, and don’t forget to take your personal swimsuit and slippers to the bath.

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Have an adventurous Jeep Safari

For an adventure lover, nothing beats the thrill of a Safari in the exciting terrains. There are a lot of safaris like the horse, quad, etc. But Jeep safari is the best and most recommended one.

The Jeep Safari is very safe and guided by the best professionals. You will be taken through an adventurous road beset with bountiful natural beauties. It is a very different yet exciting approach to explore İcmeler in a thrilling fashion. The fun-loving people who will accompany you in other Jeep will engage in fun fights with water gun; the whole journey will be a joyous one with a bunch of cheerful tourists. You will also get lunch in a local Turkish restaurant. You will also get a complimentary

Above all, this is a must-have experience for the adventurous people who are planning to stay in İcmeler.

Take a peep at the underwater world

The underwater world of İcmeler is as beautiful as it is above water. And you would love to dive in the beautiful waters of İcmeler and explore underneath. The colourful fishes and diversified corals are absolutely stunning to look at. The deep blue water will give you an exceptional environment to grab some excellent pictures and boost your social media.

If you are a weak swimmer or a first-time diver, there are diving coach and guide who will accompany you. Besides, there is insurance to cover you up. The diving equipment will be provided by the agency but don’t forget to bring your swimsuit and have this special experience.

Being a blissful tourist spot, İcmeler has many fun opportunities to make your stay memorable. And it will be absolutely difficult for you to cover them up in a single stay. But the ones discussed above are some of the best possible experience that you can have, and so don’t forget to try them before bidding farewell to İcmeler.

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