Looking for an ISO 9001 consultant? Check the 10 key requirements first!

ISO 9001 consultant

Now that you are looking for ISO 9001, you probably know all the benefits that await you. However, do you know that you can make some costly mistakes along the way?  Yes, true you can make mistakes which is the reason why you should ask yourself the below questions.

What is the best way to get ISO 9001 certification? Will that minimize your costs and maximize your benefits? This short brief gives you all the key requirements you need to getISO 9001 consultants.

Although it’s imperative for many businesses to hire ISO consultant to help them build the management systems, some of them can do this by themselves. However, this is only possible if they have in-house resources and also have the relevant experience and competence to build the business management.

To some other business owners that wants a fully documented management system for their business; they may choose the services of a qualified ISO 9001 Consultant.

The 10 special requirements to check before choosing an ISO 9001 Consultant

You are very likely to invest a lot of your money and time in this case. For that matter, it’s very authoritative to choose the right ISO 9001 consultant. Here are the 10 requirements to check before you start the process.

1. Do they hold ISO 9001 certifications?

Now that you are considering ISO 9001 certification, you should make sure they have the ISO 9001 certification themselves. This starts by making sure they are certified by JAS-ANZ.

2. Qualifications-

It’s also very important to check whether the ISO 9001 Certificate consultants have formal training and have all the qualifications to offer these specific services.

3. What is their overall experience

The quality number three to check is their experience. Make sure you have the information about their industry experience. Establish how long they have been consulting for.

4. Do they have experience designing management systems to similar businesses?

 It’s absolutely imperative to establish whether they have such experience.

5. Insurance

We all know that we need special licenses to practice any type of product or service delivery. Determine whether the group you are about to go for holds professional indemnity insurance and Public Liability.

6. How versed are they with the lean methods?

Doe their developed ISO management system improve your performance? Answer such questions before you contract.

7. Have the consultants been in the business for a long time?

This is very vital because it adds to their experience and what they have learned over time.

8. Technological knowledge

Do they have full understanding of the knowledge? Can they set up management system using cloud-based solutions?

9. Reviews and referrals

It’s also very important to check whether the company has a list of satisfied prior customers or repeat buyers. Check the reviews and user comments to check how many of their previous customers were satisfied with the whole services offered.

10.Certification Body referrals

Lastly, you should invest time in checking whether a number of JAS-ANZ accredited certification bodies confirms whether the company offers quality services especially on consultancy services and management systems.

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