Gifts Your Parents Will Actually Use

Buying your parents a gift that they’ll actually use can be difficult. A lot of parents are tough to buy for, and they make it harder by insisting they don’t need anything! At the same time, you have seen how much they sacrificed for you while you were growing up, and you want to buy them something that will show them how much you appreciate them as parents.

Here are some ideas for gifts your parents will use and love.

1. Refurbished tablets are the perfect gift for parents who want to keep up on photos of their grandchildren and other correspondence through social media. While you can buy a brand new tablet, the refurbished ones are still great quality for a fraction of the cost, so you can actually buy them a nicer tablet than you could afford if you bought it new. Additionally, you can spend some of the money you saved on gift cards for apps and websites your parents will likely use with their tablet. Buying a screen protector, case, and other accessories may also be useful for parents that aren’t very tech-savvy.

2. An auto-detailing gift certificate is an excellent gift for the parents that dedicated years of their lives to driving you back and forth to sports practices, games, band, tutoring appointments, competitions, dances, and more. They sacrificed their time and the cleanliness of their vehicle to transport you, your friends, instruments, equipment, clothes, and more. And now you can finally thank them with a gift certificate to get their car fully detailed, so it looks and smells like new again. Even if their vehicle is no longer riddled with smelly athletic stuff or crushed cookies and Cheerios, having their vehicle that looks and smells new will be a great treat for them. Even more exciting would be if you can take their vehicle and have it done without them knowing, so it is a complete surprise.

3. Theatre tickets are a luxury most parents don’t get to enjoy because they have dedicated their time, money, and resources to their children. Buying them tickets to see a live performance may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for them. You can choose a show they’ve talked about wanting to see or select the one you think they would both enjoy. If you live somewhere that a theatre is an option, it will probably be reasonably accessible. If you don’t, the theatre tickets may be part of a more significant gift like a weekend away.

4. House-cleaning services are a fantastic gift for any busy adult, especially your parents. Keeping a clean house can seem impossible when you are working full-time and caring for children. At the same time, having a dirty house makes you feel like less of a parent. Buying your parents a gift certificate for a house-cleaning service, even if it is only for one visit, will show them how much you appreciate all the sacrifices they made for you.

5. Recreated family photos are a really fun and trendy gift for families with multiple adult children. Pull together some of your parents’ favorite pictures from when you and your siblings were young, and then work together to recreate the photos. This will involve coordinating outfits, locations, and possibly props. Getting the photos taken will be fun, and they will create a treasured gift for your parents. You can take it a step further and get the recreated photos matted and framed with the original photos so that they can be hung and proudly displayed together.

No matter which gift you choose for your parents, give it with appreciation and they are sure to love it.

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