Famed Influencer Jonas Maier heads to Dubai for dream campaign

Being an influencer and model has been a life altering experience for Germany’s Jonas Maier, who is known around the world for his engaging social media posts and unique take on men’s fashion. Throughout his career, he has had several moments that stick out in his mind. These include having companies he grew up with, like Coca Cola and Joop, reach out to him regarding a brand partnership. Also, working with the French automobile brand Peugeot when they flew him to Paris for the presentation of their latest electric car models to document the whole presentation, which was linked with the French Open Tennis tournament and he was given first row seats for a match with top tennis player Novak Djokovic. Another memorable moment for Maier was when he partnered with the celebrated European fast-fashion brand Primark and received international attention due to the campaign’s success. With over 228 thousand followers on Instagram alone, Maier has had a career many can only dream of.

Maier’s latest highlight comes from his work with “Visit Dubai” where Maier got to visit the home of the legendary Burj Khalifa to promote tourism. Maier, a professed lover of travel who previously shared travel and lifestyle content featuring his travels to USA, Mexico, Indonesia, France, Monaco, and more, was eager to embark on a partnership that promoted different and inspiring travel content with his vast audience. 

“I had never been to Dubai before and I had always wanted to go there. It’s a very unique place and just super photogenic, from skyscrapers to the desert. This campaign is initiated by the Dubai Government to market their tourist attractions in a unique form of storytelling. I felt very grateful that they gave me the chance to be part of this exciting campaign,” says Maier.

Maier was working with Pulse Advertising, an award-winning agency that works with many top influencers, when he was given the opportunity to work on the “Visit Dubai” campaign. He had previous success with Pulse on campaigns for Armani Exchange, and Telekom, and knew the campaign would be a success. Pulse created the itinerary and plan for this campaign and chose Maier because of his reputation, quality and size of his content and travel background.

The goal of this project is to promote Dubai Tourism internationally and highlight everything that Dubai has to offer to its tourists, showing that Dubai is the ultimate holiday experience. Maier provided high quality content documenting his exciting experience and shared it with his audience on Instagram and YouTube to target a mid-twenties demographic. He documented the trip with professional high-quality photo and video content that he created and edited with photographer Natalie King.

“Jonas is always a blast to team up with. We’ve worked in some extreme temperatures and I never get a complaint out of him. We see eye-to-eye on a lot of ideas. I love when I come up with an idea and he just goes with it and expands upon it. It’s always motivating to work with someone who wants the job done not just well, but near perfection,” says King.

There are many fashion influencers and many travel influencers, however, there are very few who so frequently combine the two. Maier loved being a pioneer in that way with this campaign, for example showcasing the latest fashion trends in the desert of Dubai. Having such a unique approach was a great success for the “Visit Dubai” campaign. The campaign had over 31,700 likes and reached over 336,000 people, an incredible feat. This made the early mornings of waking up early to catch the sunrise light, or driving all day to the perfect shooting locations, well worth it for Maier. 

“Travel has recently become a status symbol for millennials, as many are valuing experiences over possessions. Instagram influencers who often travel, such as myself, provide inspiration to hundreds of thousands of others – both to those who will never own a passport and perpetual jet-setters,” concludes Maier. 

Photo by Natalie King

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