Visiting Thredbo: What You Need To Know

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The Vanguard Of A Burgeoning Australian Movement

Australia has never been known for its snowboarding, but this has begun to change in recent years owing to resorts such as those located at Thredbo. True, it’s not the Swiss Alps. Thredbo isn’t a range of snowy crags like those on the spine of North America. However, the region has a climate conducive to winter sports, and in-season, there’s adventure to be had.

Thredbo is a small town at a higher altitude than most Australia on the southeast side of the country. During the hot season, cycling events and hiking trails abound. As things become cooler, out come skis, snowboards, and those adventurous enough to strap them to their feet; then go slip-sliding down the mountain.

An Overview Of Thredbo

Thredbo is just a 500 KM jaunt south and west of Sydney, nestled in the mountains along Alpine Way. It’s an entire town, and there are a couple of recreational options abounding there presently. As Thredbo becomes more popular, you can expect this locale to increase in terms of diversity.

The town is full of entertainment in the form of dining and nightlife, and you’d be surprised at some of the accommodations there. You can certainly spend a night or two in an inn, but for many Australians, the fun of Thredbo predicates more than just a weekend stay. While there are certainly options for this, more affordable long-term arrangements exist.

Here’s the thing about skiing and snowboarding: sure, you’re going downhill; but when you’re not going downhill fast with adrenaline pumping in your ears, you’ve got to manage the slippery shenanigans on your feet. That requires musculature in your legs and core. A day on the slopes is a full-body workout. If you’re there for a couple days, you’ll need rest.

The Right Accommodations

Certainly you can hit the slopes all day every day for three or four days straight—if you’re a teenager. If you’re more mature, you’ll need a little downtime. That’s one big reason many who vacation in Thredbo plan on staying more than a weekend. It’s hard to fully enjoy yourself when the physics of biology tries to stifle your imagination.

Thankfully, there are plenty of options available to help you maximize your off-time. For example, you can seek appointments through Lantern Apartments, which feature long-term packages that save you money, as well as top-tier living arrangements. Picturesque units are designed to make your Thredbo getaway as ideal as possible.

For those interested in a more private getaway, it’s certainly possible to just explore the recreational options of the region and choose those which resonate with you. However, Thredbo is also the seat of many annual events which often serve as a national draw. In terms of cycling and snowboarding, get there at the right time and you’ll see real action.


Just to help give you a point of reference, check out the following link for a schedule of annual activities that take place in this fine Australian mountain town at the bottom (or the top?) of the world itself.

Getting Away From The City For A Spell

It’s important to get away every now and again. Sydney is a fine city, one of the finest in the world—and compared to some place like New York or Mumbai, it’s not that crowded. Still, compared to other locales in the land of Oz, it can be a loud, over-fast, cloying place.

Anyone who lives in a city values getting away to a place like Thredbo for a few days of peace and adventure. Whether you just want to get away from the city, you’re an avid mountain biker, or you want to explore the adrenaline rush of snowboarding and skiing, Thredbo has recreation and accommodations for you. Just choose your season and hit the road!

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