Top 6 leather bags for men

The men’s bag is an accessory that once scared men, but fashion has changed a lot. This piece has seduced the male audience for the past few years, even if some dare not get it yet.

Today, men’s handbags are on the rise. Different models are available on the market and on the internet. You still have to know how to choose the right bag for men to give yourself an urban and timeless look.

To help you in your research, we offer you practical advice with some of the most in-demand men’s leather bags that were available on Amazon and other platforms.

We chose leather because it is a very resistant material with a neat appearance. Besides, a real leather bag is easier to match with any outfit, whether for summer, winter, autumn or spring.

What type of bag for what type of profile?

Depending on the context in which you find yourself, not all types of bags are suitable for your situation. If you work in a bank, for example, you will not be able to stay on an Eastpak backpack that teenagers love. In this case, the ideal for you will be to opt for a classic towel. It is very obvious! If you travel a lot on weekends, you will necessarily need a 48-hour leather handbag for men.

This category of the bag for men will allow you to carry all the personal belongings you will need during your travels. For a more urban look, a “Messenger bag” will do the trick. It offers great comfort (hands-free) and is easy to find. If you often wear a suit to work, a briefcase will be your best companion.

For teachers, they will find their happiness by opting for a teacher bag or “School satchel”. These are the main models of men’s bags that are available commercially and on the internet. And it is around these categories we have made our list.

The advantages of a men’s leather bag

Nowadays, men need bags as much as women. They need to carry various connected tools such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops and iPads. With so much to carry, it is only a given that they will require something more than their hands and pockets to hold things.

A leather handbag for men is designed to meet the needs of men. Some models have numerous pockets for storing documents and wallets, as well as compartments large enough to store clothing or sports equipment.

But it does not stop there since a bag for man is also a fashion accessory allowing men to standout whether at work or college. Today’s fashion is no longer just for women but is reaching more and more men looking for originality. A leather bag for men is also acclaimed for its great resistance, its elegance and its casual chic aspect. Taking into account all these advantages, it would be a shame to deprive yourself!

The best models of men’s bags

With the many offers of men’s bags on the market and on the internet, it is becoming increasingly difficult to make the right choice. To make your task easier, our guide offers some examples of leather handbags available on the internet.

Missfox shoulder bag

The Missfox brand is acclaimed for the quality of luggage it offers on the market. If you are looking for a good quality but affordable shoulder bag for men, this Missfox model will be your best ally, whether at work, in class, in town or on vacation.

It is made of PU leather with a lining of high-quality synthetic material to protect your objects from scratches or rain. Its large pocket on the front allows you to easily store your personal belongings like wallet, documents, etc. It is equipped with an adjustable strap to facilitate its portage on the go.

Charmoni shoulder bag

Both design and original, this shoulder bag from the Charmoni brand is suitable for all situations, whether a student or a professional.

Made of cowhide leather, this handbag for men in black leather ensures great resistance and optimal lightness. It has two flat zipped pockets on the front as well as two large interior storage compartments to store your documents, papers, phone, iPad, etc.

Its 100% high-quality polyester lining perfectly protects your objects from damage. To carry it, you can adjust its strap to your size.

Leathario towel bag

Do you work in commerce, banking or finance? Or are you looking for a briefcase to carry your laptop? Look no further, because the Leathario brand offers you this cheap leather handbag for men.

Its classic and retro design gives it a timeless, young and evergreen style. It is equipped with two robust straps as well as an adjustable strap to offer you two carrying modes. Its large interior compartment allows you to store your laptop safely.

Leas laptop bag

At a time when more and more computers are used for work or study, it is more judicious to buy an adapted accessory to transport your material on a daily basis.

To make your life easier, the Leas brand offers this quality laptop bag, but at an affordable price. Made of leather, this men’s leather handbag has large compartments on the front and back as well as interior compartments to hold a 15-inch laptop. It has two resistant straps and an adjustable strap to facilitate your movement.

Danten’s Briefcase

Practical and elegant, this Danten’s briefcase is ideal for all trips in town or abroad. Equipped with a large compartment on the front, this men’s leather bag also has two large compartments inside to store your documents easily, papers, tablet or mobile phone.

It has a very robust adjustable strap to adapt perfectly to your body type. This model is available in two sizes according to your needs: 33 x 25 x 7 cm and 24.5 x 26.5 x 7 cm (W x H x W).

In the travel bag

If you are planning a trip or vacation soon, you will need to bring a good leather bag for men like this travel bag from the Intravel brand.

Made of high-quality leather, this model has a soft lining to protect your belongings better, be it your personal belongings, than your various devices.

This baggage is authorized in the cabins of several airlines such as Air France, Aigle Azur, Easyjet, Jet 2, etc. For its portability, it has two straps and an adjustable strap very robust.


So, when you go out on the hunt for a leather bag, define your need and choose any one of these without doubting your choice. These bags are guaranteed to meet all your needs, be it price or quality.

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