Perfect Presents for A Baby Girl

Baby Girl

Finding the perfect gift for a baby girl, whether it be for the baby of a close friend or relative, is not an easy task. Along with the fact that a baby can’t really relay what they want, you want to ensure that you don’t get the same thing everyone else at a baby shower or birthday party already purchased. Being different means extra points, after all! Plus, there’s the incredible satisfaction of giving something more meaningful to a baby as its just beginning to learn. To give you a head start when it comes to baby shopping, in this blog we’ve compiled a few great suggestions to help you along your way – at the very least, you should be able to get some great inspiration.

Gifts for newborns and younger babies

Looking for a baby girl gift can be completely different depending on the age of the child – a great gift for a newborn would not suit a baby and a couple of years old, and vice versa. New little bubbas absolutely love objects they can squeeze and make noise with at this age. This is a great opportunity to get a squeaky teething toy like Sophie the Giraffe so that you can help with one of the early baby issues that parents have a tough time with. If you didn’t want to get a toy, babies at this age are also enamoured with sounds and colours. To satisfy this curiosity, go for a cloth baby book, as these make for great tactile objects for baby to flip through as well. If you want to draw out the baby’s musical side (but potentially bug the parents quite a bit, a kick and play piano gym will have them creating all sorts of interesting sounds! If this is too loud, blocks are an excellent idea for baby girls over the age of 6 months, as they are both colourful and allow a child’s imagination to really run wild.

Baby girls over the age of one

If you’re looking for a gift for a baby girl over the age of one (or if you’re getting one for their first birthday), your options start to become a lot more interesting. With walking mastered, now’s the time to pay close attention to the developmental needs of the baby. Finding a toy that can enable them to push and pull, put things together and take them apart, and move things in and out of boxes helps a great deal with helping teach babies how to interact with the world around them. It’s also more than tactile development that babies at this age are experiencing – one year olds begin to practice speaking and can even recognise rhymes, so books that teach words become much more practical at this age. If you’re looking to get a baby girl a toy, objects with a variety of textures meant for exploring will ensure they can amuse themselves for hours on end.

Finding that perfect gift

Although not the simplest experience, finding the ideal gift for a baby girl isn’t too difficult if you keep in mind their learning-hungry minds. Aim for things related to their development, as objects that can facilitate this are not only useful for the baby, but make for a joyful watching experience for the parents as well. If you’re unsure what this might entail, one great piece of advice is to look for a toy or book that lets a baby or toddler do what they want, rather than follow specific instructions.

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