Knee Replacement Cost in Thailand

The knee replacements costs in Thailand are much lower than in other countries around the world. It can be well worth the effort to travel to Thailand for a knee replacement and enjoy a holiday while you’re recovering from the surgery.

Knee replacement costs in Europe can average around US $15,000, and in the US, they can average a whopping US $50,000. Compare those prices with Thailand where the average cost of a knee replacement is just US $9,000. Even with flight costs and accommodations figured into the total cost, it still makes sense to have knee replacement surgery performed in Thailand.

Knee replacements costs in Thailand are not the only concern with this type of major surgery. You want to have it performed by doctors who are experienced and competent and using all the latest techniques.

Thailand has earned the respect of the world’s medical community for the high quality of healthcare they provide, including such complicated procedures as knee replacements. The country has built a well-earned reputation for the excellent medical tourism industry they’ve created. 

Many hospitals in the country accept health insurance from all over the world and speak many languages as well. This makes traveling to Thailand for any medical treatment, both easy and convenient. With hospitals being able to arrange for extensions on travel visas and accommodations for family members traveling with you to assist you after surgery, Thailand is a welcome destination for thousands of patients seeking medical treatment every year. 

Knee Replacement Recovery

With the knee replacement costs in Thailand being so low, you’re able to afford to recuperate in the tropical warmth of the country as well. Hotel costs, food and transportation costs are much lower in Thailand compared to many countries in the world. With stunning beaches and exotic locations around the country, many people end up coming for medical treatment and staying for an extended holiday. 

This makes sense as your doctor will want to monitor your progress after your surgery. But with many patients able to leave the hospital with two to five days of their knee replacement, seeing the sights of Thailand while you’re recuperating something that’s absolutely possible as long as you take care of yourself. Why not look out over a turquoise ocean while reclining on a chaise lounge instead of your living room couch while you’re recuperating? With the low costs of a knee replacement in Thailand, this scenario can be more than a dream.  

<h2>Contact a Hospital in Thailand</h2>

If the thought of spending your recuperation time in paradise is something that appeals to you, get in touch with a hospital in Thailand that lists knee replacements as one of the medical services they offer.  They’ll be able to advise you of precisely what you need to do to undergo your knee replacement surgery in Thailand. You’ll enjoy a high level of quality medical care, and your family will be able to visit one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.  

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