How to Enhance Your Home With Wall Lights

Are you looking for versatile and attractive lights to make a difference to your room? Wall lights are the flexible illumination solution that provides ambient lighting as well as accent and task lighting. You can even make a stunning style statement when you choose the right wall lights.

Here’s how to enhance the look of your kitchen, living room, dining room or bedroom with wall lights. The practical considerations will help you make the most of this modern lighting scheme, while the design tips will ensure your room looks elegant and attractive, no matter your taste.

Locate Your Wall Lights at the Right Height

The best height for wall lamps depends on many factors. These include the size of your lights and the proportions of your room. You also need to consider the style statement you want to make. As a rule, position wall lamps around 170cm from the floor. Try to place lights around 300cm apart when you have more than one. The top of the shade should be at eye level to prevent glare from the bulb inside. Bear in mind that these are general guidelines only. You’ll want to adjust the heights for larger rooms, for example.

Use Wall Lamps For Different Purposes

You can use wall lights for different purposes in a room. For example, add additional general light to the main light shade in the centre of the ceiling. And provide illumination to darker corners in the room. Wall lights also add ambient light and you can switch them on in the evenings for a more relaxing mood. Alternatively, use a wall lamp to highlight a painting or an architectural feature. Wall lighting makes excellent task lighting. Add a wall lamp above the bed to provide enough illumination to read in the evening. You can also install a wall lamp over a chair to create a reading nook.

Choose Uplights or Downlights

Uplights send illumination upwards across the wall. Uplighting helps to open up the room by providing a glow that reaches to the ceiling. Downlights point the light towards the floor, creating a cosier space and a relaxing mood. Experiment with using a combination of these lights if you have a large space.

Pick From a Range of Styles

Wall lighting comes in a wide range of designs and styles, from traditional-style lamps to contemporary and modern creations. Discover your choice of wall light in a brushed steel finish for a modern living room, or a ceramic and fabric look for a traditional drawing room or dining room. When deciding on your lighting, think about creating a sense of balance in your room. Do this by setting neutral wall lights against a dramatic centre lighting piece. Or use striking wall lamps for highlighting artworks while using less conspicuous styles for other lamps in the room. Wall lights can provide a striking statement or a muted finishing touch, depending on your choice of shade and fitting.

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