9 Must-Have Things In the House To Improve Your Lifestyle

Many of us have enough stuff as is, but sometimes it’s a matter of having the right stuff. There are a bunch of items that can help you get a better night of sleep, make the most of your day by streamlining tasks, or just enrich your life with more fun. 

We’ve compiled a list of 9 things which will make your life easier and more enjoyable.

1. Planner

A planner can help you keep track of your day-to-day business and make the most of your time.

The exact type of planner best for you may vary. Maybe you want a daily notebook you can carry around and write down appointments and to-do lists in. Perhaps you prefer a whiteboard in your hallway or kitchen, to help you stay on task at home.

2. Quality Mattress

Sleep is one of the more neglected areas of wellness today. Not enough people are grabbing a full eight hours as is, and sleeping on the wrong mattress certainly won’t help you get a good night’s sleep.

Best mattresses should mold to your body —if parts of your body go unsupported, the strain can build up into chronic pain. A good mattress leaves you waking up feeling better than when you fell asleep.

3. Alarm Clock

You may already have an alarm clock or just use your phone to keep on schedule. However, you can do better than an alarm clock with a loud, harsh ring.

There are alarm clocks that mimic sunrise or play voice recorded messages. And there are alarm clocks that won’t display the time unless you snap your fingers or touch the clock, for those of us who are anxious clock watchers.

4. Key Tracker

Never lose your keys again! Just attach a wireless tracker to your keys and you can follow the sound whenever you misplace them.

5. Smart Plugs

Plug one of these into your outlets to control your electronics remotely. You can use an app to turn on and off your lights while traveling, to appear as if you’re still at home. Or just use it to lower energy costs by shutting off appliances while you’re out of the house.

6. Shower Bombs

Because why should you have to take a bath to have all the fun of bath bombs? Many of these just smell nice, but some have sinus-clearing properties.

7. Wet Cleansing Wipes

Have a pack of these on hand for easier cleaning. Use them in the restroom, or keep a pack by the sink to wipe your face or tame a flyaway hair. You can also use a couple to get some quick dusting done or to shine up a pair of shoes.

8. Reusable Ice Cubes

Want to cool down your drink without diluting it? Buy a set of reusable cubes – you can find sets of 50 for under $15 – and say goodbye to watery iced tea.

You can buy them in different shapes such as fruit, stars, or animals if you want to add some whimsy to your drink. Some sets include LED lights inside the cubes for added color.

9. Self Stirring Mug

Why use a stirring spoon you’ll just have to wash after? With the press of a button, a spinner in your mug will stir your coffee, tea, or cocoa.

All of these products can help make your life better, but it’s up still to you to truly enjoy your life and make the most of it. The day is ready to be seized, so get to grabbing!

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