Henrique Kraychete talks merging passions for filmmaking and TACFIT

Capturing a moment. Sharing it with audiences. Telling a story. Making a work of art. These are all fundamental aspects to Henrique Kraychete’s job. He is a renowned videographer, and each and every day he brings images to life and shares a vision with the masses. He takes an idea from a client and transforms it into a reality, never settling for anything less than perfection. 

Throughout his esteemed career, Kraychete has shown time and time again just what he is capable of behind a camera. He never simply films a scene, he creates a cinematic masterpiece with every shot, keeping the story in mind at all times. This is evident with his work on YouTube videos “Hood Naruto Part. 3” for King Vader and “Meeting The Beverly Hills Brat” as well as documentaries It’s Never Too Late to Be a Savage and Legacy – One Team One Goal used to promote a martial arts gym in Los Angeles.

Kraychete loves exploring his passion of film every day, and recently, he has been able to explore his other passion, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu through his work. His work on the previously mentioned documentaries have caught the eye of many in the BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) world and helped build a strong working relationship with the celebrated BJJ veteran Alberto Crane. Therefore, when Crane began looking to take the TACFIT Team Leader test, Kraychete knew it would be a compelling and inspiring documentary.

Crane is a BJJ veteran and a former UFC fighter. He was one of the first Americans to go to Brazil in the 90s and receive his black-belt in BJJ from the Gracies, the biggest Martial Arts family in the world and the creators of BJJ that also resulted in the creation of the UFC. Later in his life, he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. He recently discovered TACFIT, a new workout created by Scott Sonnon and named by Men’s Health magazine as “The World’s Smartest Workout”, a way to not only recover from the injuries that he’d had for years because of his fighting career but also to prevent some limitations that the MS might cause him. Crane realized that if TACFIT could help heal him, maybe it could help others too, so he decided to take the Team Leader test in order to be able to help others. That was when he reached out to Kraychete to film his test, and the documentary Alberto Crane – TACFIT Team Leader was born.

“I started doing TACFIT because of Alberto and ever since I started, I have noticed the changes in my body, my posture and the great decrease of my knee pain. I gained a lot of my mobility back and I definitely feel better overall. This video is important to motivate others to get out of their comfort zone and live their best life. I like this story because first I shot it and now that I finally embraced and surrender to the system, I can relate to what Alberto talks about in his video,” said Kraychete.

Kraychete led the entire film, doing the primary camera work and ensuring his editor followed the structure he established. This was a highly important project to him because of his personal connection to Crane, and there was no room for error. He knew how difficult the test would be and how much it meant to Crane and while making the film was always rooting for his success.

“This project made me happier on the personal side than professional. It was amazing to join him on his journey and his victory felt like my victory. The video came out great and it has inspired others to try the TACFIT system, including myself. Working with Alberto is always amazing and for the first time I had the chance to see him as a subject, rather than just a client that ordered another video,” said Kraychete.

The video has been an online success, and a great achievement for Kraychete professionally. He will soon be officially working for TACFIT as their Creative Director and Head Videographer, filming commercials, testimonials and documentaries about the system in order to promote the company online. He also will be filming several more documentaries for Crane’s very established gym in Burbank, Legacy Los Angeles.

“It feels so good to know that in a weird way, whenever people watch and get inspired with Alberto’s story, I feel that I had something to do with it. The video was shared all over the world, so it’s hard for me not to feel happy and motivated to tell more stories like Alberto’s. The most important thing to me is knowing that the audience, the people, liked and were inspired by my video,” he said.

Watch Alberto Crane – TACFIT Team Leader here.

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