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Tungsten, which is also popular as Wolfram, is considered as one of the hardest substances in the world. First discovered by Swedish chemist Carl Wilhelm Scheele way back in 1781, Tungsten comes from the Swedish term implying a “heavy stone.”

Over the years, Tungsten has grown to be adored by people throughout the world for its hardness, high temperatures, and durability as well as its density. Even though popular jl̥ewelry choices still remain the precious metals like gold, silver or platinum, tungsten rings have become all the rage lately, due to a large number of benefits that remain unmatched by the traditional rings.

Becoming one of the most popular alternative metals to take the jewelry and fashion world by storm, Tungsten is witnessing massive popularity in the last few decades. Once you explore the vast range of benefits tungsten rings have, it becomes quite easy to understand why it is so strongly competing with the traditional rings of gold, platinum, silver or titanium.

Graphs and statistics on Google trends show that back in 2004 Tungsten rings were far below in the search trending list as compared to the traditional rings. However, since 2004 it has experienced a steady curve that has constantly been rising. Surprisingly, it has been noticed that tungsten rings are providing quite a stiff competition to titanium rings today, which were once the most popular metal sought after for close to indestructible rings. It can also be duly noted that traditional rings like platinum and gold have leveled off in consumer interest over the same time period.

All this data proves that tungsten rings are not a fad and are here to stay for a long time. This explains why more and more tungsten rings are found on the fingers of men and women today.


It is a well-established fact that rings that have a higher hardness last longer. Tungsten’s number one benefit is that it is very strong. Tungsten doesn’t get its strength alone. When combined with carbon to become tungsten carbide, it gives you rings that are very high in strength. Carbon makes diamonds hard. If measured on a scale, diamonds rank at 10.0 when it comes to hardness closely followed by tungsten carbide at 9.5. Traditional metal rings like Platinum, White Gold & Titanium rank at 4.0, 3.0 and 6.0. Tungsten carbide prevails them all leaving the others far behind when it comes to hardness.


In terms of cost-effectiveness, Tungsten rings leave the traditional ones miles behind. This can be credited to the industrial background of tungsten. Its frequent use in heavy machinery due to its inexpensive yet hard, durable nature makes it a popular industrial resource. No forced laborers or difficult miners are to be hired to obtain tungsten because it is not naturally found in the Earth’s crust. It is manually created in factories along with carbon, which brings down the manufacturing cost drastically when it is passed onto the consumer.

Since tungsten rings are man-made, it brings a lot of options and opportunities to design and style them as per your preferences, which used to not be quite possible when it came to traditional metal rings. This gives the consumer a vast range of rings to choose from and increases its capacity for sale.


In terms of resistance to fading, scratching and durability too, Tungsten rings are more superior than most other metal rings. Frequent maintenance is required to oxidize gold or silver rings. They require constant cleaning, polishing again and again, all at the risk of stripping away some of the metal.

On the other hand, a tungsten ring is so hard and durable that it requires only very simple washing and it can’t be easily scratched. Even over a long span of time, a polished tungsten ring will look as good as it did on the day you first purchased it.


Timeless Tungsten rings that are produced in fine quality in USA come with a lifetime warranty against any sort of cracking or breaking over an entire lifetime. They also offer a free if your finger size ever fluctuates. If you compare a costly platinum ring to a white tungsten rings, you can barely even tell the difference between the two. White tungsten consists of tungsten carbide mixed with more metals to make it look brighter and shinier. Out of the two rings, one costs way more and is less durable as well as more prone to fading, while the other costs way less and is much harder and more durable.

All in all, these benefits of tungsten separate it from all other metals. Tungsten rings have over time, proved to be more hard, affordable, long-lasting and have more options when it comes to style. They require hardly any maintenance and cost way less. With such a remarkable list of advantages, you should analyze how tungsten rings are worth your consideration.

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