An Infallible Routine to Tend Most Skin Problems

After weight issues, skin problems are one of the most common worries of women of all ages. After all, your face’s appearance can either make or break your confidence to face the world. No matter their stage in life, women want to show clear, bright and smooth skin that expresses their character. To accomplish that, it’s pretty common to recur to anything from homemade remedies to expensive surgeries. 

But since the world is not pink-colored, there are several skin issues that affect skin and make it unbalanced. Some of these issues are related to age, some of them are due to hormonal changes and so on. Whatever is your skin problem, we want to make sure you know exactly what it looks like. But most of all, we want you to have the right tools to fight any skin condition in the book.

Signs of Acneic Skin 

A skin condition that haunts both men and women from the moment they hit puberty, acne is your first encounter with skin problems. Acne appears when hair follicles in any part of your body -but especially your face- clog with oil and debris. Sometimes even dead skin cells get trapped in your follicles, and it can worsen without proper care. When this follicles are stuck, pimples, zits and all sorts of marks show up on skin’s surface. Some of the most common signs of acneic skin are: 

*Whiteheads: These look like closed and inflamed pores with grease inside. 

*Blackheads: These happen when the pore stays open but its clogged with dead skin and dirt.

*Papules: They’re small bumps with a bright red color. 

*Pimples: Pimples are a bit like papules but they have pus right in the tip because they’re infected.

*Nodules: These are hard bumps beneath skin’s outer layer, they feel solid rather than liquid. 

*Cysts: These are probably the worst kind of acneic lesions. They’re very painful lumps filled with pus that tend to grow a lot. 

When you have this type of skin, there are tons of acne skin care products you can start using to treat your face. Between face masks and the right moisturizer, you can get your skin back in track. 

Signs of Ageing Skin 

While we know what are the most basic forms of ageing skin, there are many you might not know. Ageing skin shows fine lines and wrinkles around mouth and nose, as well as crow’s feet near the eyes. But some less known skin problems related to ageing skin are: 

*Age spots: When skin ages, the pigment cells tend to multiply quicker and start producing little dark spots. These marks are more visible in the areas that have always been more exposed to the sun. 

*Hanging and sagging skin: Ageing skin starts to lose its ability to produce elastin and collagen, and slowly starts to sag. If you want to prevent severe sagging, avoid drastic weight changes.

*Thin and dull skin: Cell production is decreased significantly with age, which results in thinner layers of skin. Your face might also lose its ability to renew more often, thus looking a little dull and dark. 

Signs of Dry Skin 

Probably one of the less talked about skin problems in the book is severe dryness or dehydration. However it is one of the most common issues why people who to the dermatologist. It seems like having a hydrated skin is pretty easy but in fact most women don’t follow the right steps. The first thing to know about dry skin are its common symptoms: 

*Skin tightness: Right after skin is in contact with hot water -or any temperature- it can be left feeling tight. This happens because follicles are not able to absorb water correctly. 

*Rough texture: Dry skin doesn’t feel smooth, it has a rough and scaly texture at touch. 

*Severe itching or burning sensation: Dehydrated skin is super sensible and it generates itching, and right after scratching, burning. 

*Ashy skin that scales: Sometimes skin can get so dry it starts peeling and flaking. It can get so bad that it cracks and bleed sometimes. 

A Complete Routine 

Now that you know some of the most common skin problems it’s important that you establish a complete routine. Whether you need acne skin care products or other ones targeted especially for ageing skin, purchase professional brands only. A complete routine must include products to wash your face, to moisturize it and to protect it.  Even though there are products you can use at any time, some others you can only use at night or day. Check out how a day and night routine might go: 


Right before heading out the door, make sure to tone your skin and moisturize it with a light texture formula. Remember a well hydrated skin can solve dry, ageing and even acneic skin. The key to moisturize correctly is to find a formula that keeps pores open and boosts your skin’s natural components. Another thing you should NEVER forget is to wear sunscreen, it doesn’t matter if it’s not a sunny day. Sun is one of your face’s biggest enemies that cause all major skin problems. 


Night is probably the most important part of the day for your skin. It’s a moment when skin cells get the time to regenerate, rejuvenate and heal. That’s exactly why, at nighttime, you should invest in night creams, serums and potent face masks. Remove your makeup with a light cleanser with an ultra hydrating formula that strips off dirt but not moisture. Apply your night cream along with a special eye cream to rest the skin under your eyes. Once or twice a week you can also apply some brightening ampoules or cleansing face masks. 

It only takes a few professional products to give your skin the proper care it desperately needs. Remember most skin problems can be solved if you set up a proper routine and follow it religiously day and night. Pack up on your skin care essentials and start pampering your face the way it deserves!

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