8 Reasons to Retire in the Okanagan Valley

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The Okanagan Valley has been a popular retirement destination for many years. Made up of picturesque communities such as Vernon, Kelowna, Penticton and Lumby each city or town has its own unique characteristics, making the region the perfect place for retirees looking for sunny skies, pristine lakes and world-renowned wineries. Whether you enjoy outdoor pursuits, the arts or simply entertaining in your backyard there is something here for everyone.

If you have been considering where you would like to live once you have retired visiting the Okanagan and spending a few days touring with a local realtor is a good idea. Even if you are not planning on buying right away, exploring the valley is a great way to get to know the area. Anyone who has spent any time in this diverse region knows there are many reasons why making the Okanagan Valley your retirement destination is an easy choice. Here are a few to think about.

1. Weather

Weather is one of the top reasons why every year numerous vacationers on summer holidays flock to the Okanagan Valley communities. In search of sunny skies and hot, dry days you will not be disappointed as you sit on an outdoor patio or on a sandy beach taking in what the region offers weather-wise. Winters are not very cold or long either with just enough snow to satisfy snow lovers.

2. Pristine Lakes and Rivers

What would all the great weather be worth without the sandy beaches, beautiful lakes and pristine rivers where you can cool off? Many locals spend their days sitting on restaurant decks, barbecuing in their backyard or gardening in their vegetable patch. All the while knowing when they want to take a dip and cool off there are several great places to choose from.

3. The Great Outdoors

Whether you are into either downhill or water skiing, hiking in the backcountry or cooking food over the campfire there are many options when it comes to outdoor pursuits in the Okanagan Valley. You can be around others enjoying what the region has to offer or you can find a quiet place of your own in which to pitch a tent. Anyone who enjoys the great outdoors will find such a large number of choices that it is almost impossible to do them all.

4. Wineries

In the last few decades the Okanagan Valley has become known as a Mecca for wine lovers from all around the world. With many internationally renowned establishments as well as smaller family-run estates it is easy to spend your days touring the many wineries situated throughout the area. Book a tour for visiting friends and family and expect to enjoy good wine as well as great farm to table fares in the many winery restaurants.

5. Dining

The Okanagan Valley has become known for more than its weather, lakes and wineries. If you have an inner foodie in you the many restaurants throughout the area will not disappoint. With many offering farm to table menus, as well as international cuisine whether you are looking for a place for a fancy dinner or a casual afternoon brunch you will not find a shortage of places to eat.

6. People who Make up the Communities

The Okanagan is known for its friendly people and inviting and welcoming communities. With many residents having recently moved to the area themselves you will find them in the same boat so making friends is easy. Join a local running or biking club or volunteer in whichever city you are considering calling home. If you want to create a new friend or social circle you will find a multitude of places with open arms ready to welcome you into the community.

7. Great Day Trips

If you decide to make the Okanagan your retirement destination you will be happy to know there are a lot of easy day trips you can take throughout the year. As staycations become more and more popular it is nice to live in an area where jumping into your car and driving for sometimes less than an hour can take you into a completely new environment.

8. Amenities

While thinking of all the fun you can have in the Okanagan Valley may be enough to tempt you it is important to also think of amenities and what the community has to offer before you commit. Luckily moving to the region does not mean you have to lose out on health care or arts and culture because the valley is rich in both.

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