8 Reasons to Retire in Southern California

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Southern California is known around the world as a little piece of paradise so if you are looking forward to your retirement and the thought of relocating to California has crossed your mind it may be time to seriously consider making it your home permanently. Though many come to the area to visit as tourists, taking in the sites, there are a lot of good reasons why you should think about staying for good.

For those looking for a more laidback lifestyle and days spent relaxing in the sun, Southern California will not disappoint. What better place to retire and spend your days sipping wine from local vineyards, lounging on the beach or hiking and golfing if you enjoy being outdoors. Many people come to Southern California for their vacations and because of its great quality of life choose to stay. Here is why:

1. The Sunny Climate

If you have grown tired of wet, rainy or snowy winters and dream of winter days spent at the beach then you will be happy you decided to retire in Southern California. Known for its sunny, warm weather it will feel like every day is summer and if you like to wear shorts and sundresses all year round you are in luck. Waking up to blue skies almost every day is not a bad way to spend your retirement.

2. A Relaxed Lifestyle

Generally when people think about Southern California they think of a place with a laidback vibe and a relaxed attitude. It is also known for its healthy, outdoor lifestyle and many of its residents are fit because of this. Eating well is pretty easy with many health-conscious restaurants and grocery stores to choose from. Many decide to call this region home because it is the type of community they want to belong to.

3. World-Class Vineyards

Southern California is known for its award-winning vineyards and wineries. What a great way to enjoy retirement by taking your visiting friends and family on wine tours when they come to see exactly why you decided to retire in California. Spend the day touring a few or choose one of your favourites. Do not forget to make a reservation for lunch or dinner as most also offer their customers great sit down dinners.

4. Top-Rated Golf Courses

If you are hoping to spend your retirement years on the golf course you will be happy you decided to relocate to Southern California. You won’t have a shortage of great golf establishments to choose from and it is a pastime that is available all year round because as mentioned above, the weather. As many Californians are avid golfers you will find the courses to be beautiful and well-maintained.

5. Fabulous Beaches

If you want to see and enjoy a multitude of beautiful beaches then consider moving to Southern California. You could spend almost every day at a picturesque, popular or unpopular beach if you want to. Some are busier than others so if you want something a bit quieter do some research and you can find a beach that suits your needs. Check out Huntington Beach Pier or Pirate’s Cove Beach one you have relocated.

6. Locally Grown Produce

If you want to eat healthy freshly grown produce in your retirement you should not have a problem finding it in this region. From farmer’s markets to grocery stores that carry locally grown produce and other goods. This means having a healthy diet in retirement will be easy. Locals support and enjoy this part of living in Southern California and being able to get it all year round great.

7. Nature Hikes

California has a large number of really great hikes and if you are someone who likes to enjoy the great outdoors you are in luck. Whether you are someone who enjoys a leisurely hike or someone who prefers something more challenging you have a large number of options to choose from. The Nora Kuttner Recreational Trail is worth checking out as well as Redwood Grove.

8. Great Restaurants

If you consider yourself a foodie or just enjoy a good dining experience now and then be grateful you are retiring in California. It is a very diverse region and you can see this reflected in the food. Whether you love a good brunch, burger or an elegant five-star experience you will find yourself with a large number of options when heading out to eat. Many also offer great views of the waterfront beaches and ocean.

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