Tips on How to Upgrade Your Living Room for a More Comfortable Feeling

For most people who have a living space, they are constantly wondering how to transform the space into a cozy place. Everybody wants a living room that is both warm and comfortable.

Such living spaces are great for entertaining guests. The guests immediately gel with the environment and they feel comfortable in it. A cozy living room is also great for spending lazy afternoons in. And they are the perfect remedy for chilly winters.

With that said, how do you turn your living room and make it more comfortable? The task is actually not that hard to pull and here are some tips to guide you.


Open your curtains. It seems easy, right? Well, the effect that sunlight can have in a living space is often overlooked. The thing is, dark rooms tend to be uninviting. They seem small and quite depressing.

Flooding your living room with sunlight or natural light will make it more inviting. For this reason, strive to keep your windows uncovered to allow for natural light to filter in.

When the evening sets in, what better way to light the living room than through lamps. Lamps will give the room a warm glow that will draw you into the space. They will also light the place once you draw the shades.

More and more pillows

Whether you are prone to napping while watching the TV or you want someplace to rest your feet on while sitting, there are many great uses of pillows in a living space. The best, of course, is that they are key to making a living room give off a comfortable feeling.

Pillows can add warmth and color to your leather sofa. As such, shop for patterned or brightly colored pillows and get lots of them. Ensure that they are also super plush. You can toss a few of them on chairs and sofas and even on the floor. Having overstuffed pillows on the floor will provide extra seating when you are entertaining guests.

Add texture

You can add to the warmth of your living room by layering diverse textures. This way, you’ll make the living room feel cozier. You can do this by investing in soft rugs, blankets, and throws.

Additionally, you can get some throws for your sofas. They are great for texture and color. Draping a throw on the back of a sofa will give your living room some more style.

And if that’s not enough, a throw blanket will surely top it all. Not only does it add warmth texture and color, but it also makes your living room feel more ‘homey’. Guests will come into your living room and feel immediately at home. And of course, the throw blanket will come in handy when it gets a little cold.

Bookshelves and Books

If you have a large room, chances are your furniture is probably pushed away from your walls. So how do you sort out this extra space? Well, bookshelves are the solution. Bookshelves no doubt occupy a large expanse of wall space. Adding them to this space will help occupy the space.

In addition to solving the space problem, they will, in turn, make your living room comfy as books tend to seem comforting. When filling the shelves, you can mix varied books with some accessories. Also, mix new items with old ones – especially those that hold meaning to your family. Of course, you have to be keen on the combination of textures on each shelf.

Add a personal touch

Adding family photos to your walls will help make the living room warm and more inviting. These photos will help you feel like you own the place.

You also want something to keep you going throughout the winter and what better than filling your wall with photos and holiday cards? These will fill you with warm memories that will see you through this tough time.

The photos also don’t have to be personal. You can incorporate art or large-scale photos to create a bold look. For instance, meaningful photography will give the feel of intimacy. You can use black-and-white photos for this purpose.

More sitting space

Seating that’s both comfy and beckons you to sit is just what you need to make your living space cozy. For this reason, get some couches that are deep-seated, ergonomic or cushy chairs and sleeper sofas. Ensure that there is plenty of seating in your living room. The only time a guest sits on the floor is if you have cushy floor pillows.

Additionally, place your tables where they are within arm’s reach. This will make the guests feel at home because they will have everything they need to relax as they will be nearby.

Once you have the furniture in place, try placing it in a conversation circle. This is a trick that has been around for ages and that works all the time. This entails placing the furniture in such a way that it encourages conversation by making the living room casual and inviting.

House plants

House plants will definitely make your living space feel cozy. They also bring an outdoorsy look to your living room.

If you are not good with house plants, there’s an alternative for you. You can bring in fresh-cut greenery. It will have the same effect of comfort and warmth that houseplants bring. Before bringing them in, first, consider your living space and the outdoors. If you have blueberry bushes outside, how about plucking some branches for your interior decor!

House plants are also a great way of filling unused space. For a living room that is pretty high-ceilinged, you can feature medium-height plants to take up space. You can also place them in corners.

The key to making your living room feel comfortable is to make it more inviting and give it a cozy and homey feeling. You need not break the bank for this. Simply filling the walls with family photos, drawing the curtains and adding pillows to your sofas will help solve all this.

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