A Tasteful Approach to a Maximalist Home Gazebo

In this day and age, maximalism has lost its lustre. In the olden days, the grander your home is, the better it was. Now, the barer your home is, the better it is. And while this works for most people, there are still some out there who prefer to have a lot of character in their homes. Or at least, in a specific part of it. In comes your home gazebo. If you’re not brave enough to have a maximalist house, at least have a maximalist home gazebo. It’s only one feature in your home, relatively separate, and might work wonders for your hosting. 

Whether it’s a hot tub enclosure, an extra family room, or a party venue, your backyard structure can work wonders when it’s in maximalist mode. But how can you do it in a tasteful and modern manner? These points can help you do it in the 21st century! 

Adhere to a Color Scheme

First thing’s first, decide on a colour scheme. It can be monotone, bitonal, or other colour schemes you can base it on. You can even think up a certain theme to make it easier. Many people think that maximalism is all about as many colours as possible. And while this is often true, you risk making your hot tub gazebo or extra family room look tack. Don’t make the gazebo look like a rainbow sprite puked on it. Choose a harmonious colour scheme for an elegant touch. 

Make it Cultural

Speaking on a theme, you can always get inspiration from other countries. Now, this technique adds a lot of character to your home gazebo. You can even probably combine your own country’s culture with that of another. But always remember to be respectful and tasteful. You might invite guests from the country you’re inspired from, and if you don’t do it right, you risk disrespecting them. Now that’s a definite no-no. When getting inspired by another country, always stay tasteful and respectful. 

Animate with Antiques

Now, antiques are a different story. They add an other-worldly charm to your space like no other. There’s always something so fascinating with antiques. Even when you’re not sure of where it’s from, you can always imagine its origin, and you might be surprised at what you think up. For your gazebo, antiques also add character and depth to the whole space. It’s a maximalist technique that’s not just for the eyes, but also the soul! 

Go Big or Go Home

It’s maximalism! You either go big or go home! When it comes to specific featured inside your gazebo, always go for the big ones. If you’re going for a hot tub gazebo, try getting the biggest hot tub you can find (as long as it’s still proportionate to space). Do you want to make it into an entertainment room? A big TV set makes it almost feel like you’re watching in an actual movie theatre.  Maximalism often means going big, and you can never go wrong with it! 

Functional Furniture is Better

Do you know those types of furniture that are also functional? They’re the best for taking on a maximalist style for your home gazebo. A bookcase that can double as a table, perhaps? Or a storage cube that you can sit on with a nice cushion? These types of furniture fit a maximalist style the best. Because not only do they adhere to the principles of the style, they also work well when you’re having guests over. They’re not just decorative, and that’s the best part! 

Plants are Maximalist Too

Most often than not, plants help provide colour to any minimalist setting. They have an aura of simplicity to them that makes them enough of a pop of colour, but not too much that it destroys the flow of minimalism. However, did you know that they can also work in maximalist spaces as well? For a hot tub gazebo, for instance, a nice maximalist touch of botanical bliss will be floating water lily pads on the jacuzzi itself. Similarly, in minimalism, they add the right sprinkle of nature into the whole mix. 

Maximalism Can Still Have Space

Even though maximalism is mostly defined by excess, it can still be achieved with a spacious outcome as well. For example, what is the most maximalist lighting fixture, you know? You’ll probably think of a chandelier, and you’re right! Nothing says maximalism quite like an old-school gilded chandelier. But chandeliers are also hung from the ceiling, allowing you to have more than enough space in your gazebo even when you go for a maximalist vibe. 

Make it for All The Senses

Maximalism isn’t all about the eyes. Sure, it’s piling in as many decorative features as possible. But it can also mean including scintillating scents and soothing sounds. While your eyes might have an adventure when it comes to maximalism, it can be a whole other store for your other senses. To drive in the mood, why not incorporate sounds and scents into your gazebo? A harp playing for a Rococo-inspired room, perhaps? Or spicy ginger scents for an authentic Middle-Eastern vibe! 

Sharing is Caring

When you go for maximalism, you’re sharing a lot more than just your decorative eye. You’re sharing your character, your soul, your personality. Always keep this in mind when going for a maximalist interior. And sharing doesn’t just have to be figurative as well. It can also be sharing. A good way is to share treats. Add a decorative cookie or candy jar in your space to make the vibe you’re going for all the more authentic and interactive. 

Never A Dull Moment Inside

And finally, finish off your maximalist-styled gazebo with good conversations and memories to cherish forever. What good will your designing do when it’s not enjoyed by other people? Whether it’s a hot tub gazebo or a party venue, invite people in to enjoy the fun. This is where your maximalist style takes off. Withe very event you hold, bet it a big or small gathering, each time you create a new and special memory that your maximalist design will help remind you of. 

Don’t underestimate the power of maximalism. You never know: the people you invite to your maximalist gazebo might enjoy it there better than other similar structures with plain minimalist vibes.

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