What is product success?


We live in a tech-savvy world. Every other person you meet will already be building a product that can cater to some kind of a problem that can be solved through their product. This is how we have got so many apps flooding the app store every day. But how do we recognize an app or a product as a successful one? Are there set parameters that one can access product success? Would this not vary from product to product? What might actually be the reasons that some apps become so popular while others die at the same pace that they came in? 

Let us understand these pointers in this article.

The best product is the one that impacts society in a huge way. A few of the products that have become a topic of discussion every day would be Facebook, TikTok, WhatsApp, the nail cutter and more. All of these products have become a tool that people make use of every day at various levels. A few common things that all of these products have in common would be:

  1. Good user engagement time
  2. Frequent use of the product
  3. Features that are repeatedly used
  4. Easy yet accurate usage
  5. User satisfaction

Good user engagement:

This is the first thing you should consider while developing a product. Your app should be able to attract a maximum number of people towards it at the least possible time. If the quality of the app is good, the users will surely love it and spend a good amount of time in the app and they also act as your extended marketing team, as people love to share their positive experiences out loud!

Frequent use of the product:

The product developed should be of nature that it can be used at regular intervals. If you are developing a product for providing a one-time solution, it is very rare that it gets noticed until something solid happens around the product.

Features that are repeatedly used:

The product to be visited frequently should have a good number of features in it that attracts or pulls the crowd towards it at all times. The features should not be something that is very valuable to a few people but the other generation does not vare about it. 

Easy yet accurate usage:

One should always keep in mind that as you develop more features on the product, you should also make sure that app is still easy to access through simple and easy to understand features. Further, these features should be very efficient to keep the crowd to visit back. 

User satisfaction:

When the above four features are kept in mind, this feature will automatically show. The user will love your product and use it with friends. But you can not ignore the fact that user satisfaction is one of the key factors to consider while building a successful product. 
At the end, the measure of a product success can be done by looking at the impact that it has created on society and how positive it is.

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