Pay Less for Pattaya Golf Course Green Fees

By becoming a member, you’ll pay less for Pattaya golf course green fees. And if you’re an avid golfer, your membership will more than pay for itself over time. For residents of Bangkok, you can be teeing up your ball in the balmy breezes and healthy sunshine of Pattaya within two hours of leaving the city.

If you fly in to Thailand frequently for business, the reduced Pattaya golf course green fees will be more than worth the trip. And if you work in a company that’s full of avid golf aficionados, a corporate membership makes perfect sense.

Cement a business relationship with your favourite clients and suppliers over a round of golf in the breezes that waft in off the Gulf of Thailand. Toast to the success of your latest business campaign over a sumptuous dinner in the magnificent clubhouses amid the lush, rolling greens and mature trees of Pattaya golf courses.

Privileges of Membership

With a coveted membership, you’ll receive much more than reduced Pattaya golf course green fees. You’ll also enjoy access to preferred tee times on the weekends, free driving range golf ball coupons, free pro shop discount coupons, and free weekday green fees coupons. You’ll also be entitled to bring guests with you to play golf at reduced member guest rates.

For both single and corporate memberships, you’ll have easy access to the venues and catering facilities of the modern and elegant clubhouses. These clubhouses offer the perfect settings for business meetings, seminars, and conventions.

Private parties, weddings and engagement dinners also gain a bit of cachet by hosting them at luxurious golf course clubhouses. Host a party indoors or outside on the spacious lawns around the clubhouses. The golf club can erect an outdoor marquee to give your evening soiree an elegant touch of class and magic.

Choice of Memberships

If you’re considering an individual membership, you have the choice of a weekday membership or an everyday membership. If you like to get away for the weekend and play golf in the tropical embrace of the lush grounds of Pattaya, you can opt for the everyday membership.

If your golf outings include entertaining clients during the week, a weekday golf club membership may better suit your needs and save you or your company money. Either way, you’ll still enjoy the reduced Pattaya golf course green fees that make becoming a member so attractive.

Whether you live in Thailand or travel to the country frequently for business or pleasure, a Pattaya golf club membership makes perfect sense for serious. Golfers who want to lower their handicap amid lush tropical beauty can get out on the course with the convenience of preferred tee times.

You can enjoy all the privileges and benefits on top of reduced Pattaya golf course green fees that will heighten your love for the charmingly addictive sport of golf.    

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