Experience the Restaurants in Patong, Phuket

The restaurants of Patong in Phuket offer a world of flavours and aromas that come from all over the world. Known as a diverse, multi-cultural town full of excitement, colour and vibrancy, Patong is the centre of the entertainment area of Phuket. 

Along the streets of Patong, you’ll find restaurants offering all sorts of dining experiences, but farm-to-table restaurants are quickly becoming popular for the fresh and healthy meals that they offer. 

Drop in for a meal at the one of the farm-to-table restaurants and you’ll be certain to leave satisfied after a sumptuous meal featuring the freshest ingredients on the island. 

Hand-picking the Ingredients

The benefits of the farm-to-table approach to menus in the restaurants of Patong, Phuket is the chef often is able to locate and hand-pick the best ingredients within the respective area of the restaurant. They will then design the menu to suit the available ingredients instead of designing the menu first. 

This approach enables you to enjoy a high-quality meal that doesn’t have to rely on frozen food that’s been shipped in to satisfy the demands of the menu. This is a more logical method of developing a menu than the chef trying to create dishes that, because of the specialized ingredients that must be shipped in, often fails to meet the expectations of the chef and diners.

Freshest Ingredients of the Region

The Phuket region is well-known for offering the freshest pork, poultry and fruits and vegetables. Seafood is a major highlight of the region. In fact, the abundance of fresh seafood has proven to be one of the main features of a holiday in Phuket.

The confluence of the fresh foods available all over Phuket with the growing popularity of the farm-to-table approach of the restaurants of the region have made Patong, Phuket a hotbed of eating spots creating their own styles and flavours.

With creative chefs adopting traditional Thai ingredients into the cuisines that they know, love and have become experts in preparing, these restaurants are in the vanguard of the new revolution in creating fusion cuisines that also embraces the farm to table approach to cooking. 

Both locals and the tourist trade of Patong have fallen in love with this emerging trend in restaurants for the fresh and healthy meals it produces and for their adoption of Thai influences, spices and preparation techniques in the restaurant’s menu. 

On your next holiday to Phuket, visit one of the farm-to-table restaurants of Patong, Phuket and see how the chefs, both international and local, are creating some amazing dishes to the delight of food-lovers enjoying a holiday on this beautiful island in the tropical sunshine. 

With beautiful beaches, stunning nightlife and astounding value for the money, its fortuitous that this small town on Phuket’s western shore is also proving to be a mecca for foodies travelling to the island on holiday. 

Do yourself a favour and explore the town of Patong in Phuket, or better yet, book your next hotel in Patong and take advantage of all the benefits the location and attractions offer. 

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