Choosing a Nursery School in Bangkok

Choosing the right nursery school in Bangkok for your child always presents a challenge. Finding a school that offers a curriculum for your child that sets them off on the road to being an educated and productive member of society is often difficult.

No one knows a child better than the child’s parents. And parents may have certain hopes and aspirations for their child’s future. But it’s important to remember that the nursery school is not the place to begin teaching your child the lessons they might need to learn to cope with their future education.

Developing to Enable Learning

Nursery school focuses on developing the child’s social, cognitive, emotional and motor skills so that they can begin to learn and function around their peers and authority figures. In other words, before they can begin to learn, they have to develop the ability to learn.

Attending school for the first time takes some getting used to for a young child. Every child must adjust to the sometimes confusing and slightly scary idea of being away from their comfort zones. And they must become used to doing without the comfortable surroundings of home and dealing with people they know, love and trust.

The teachers and staff of quality nursery schools understand this completely. They serve as the links between a student’s home environment and the school. They provide communication as to the student’s progress in the classroom and report to the parents regularly. They also will work to develop a supporting and trusting relationship with their students.  

Two Basic Types of Bangkok Nursery Schools

The curricula of nursery schools in Bangkok differs slightly, depending on what type of school you’re enrolling your child in to start their education process. While your child may receive some lessons in English at a nursery school in Bangkok, there won’t be much of a focus on the language unless they’re attending an international school.

An international school tends to put more of a focus on educating the child to speak English with a certain level of fluency. The nursery school teachers will make a point of translating words into English as the words come up naturally in certain situations and conversations with the students.

The teachers at an international nursery school in Bangkok also knows that the key to developing a high level of fluency in a second language is to begin teaching the child as early in their life as possible.

No amount of further language education later in life can make up for the child’s ability to absorb second languages early in their lives. Children are simply more open to learning languages than adults. The nursery school in Bangkok you choose to enrol your child in can make good use of this natural language ability in children if they have qualified language instructors.

Gaining a high level of proficiency in the English language will open doors for your child and give them a head start in life. So pay close attention to the nursery school in Bangkok that your child attends and make a judgement as to whether they’re giving your child the developmental and English language skills they’ll need later on.

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