Ten tips for a Zen bedroom

Modern life can be crazy. The pace in which we live our lives would startle our ancestors, and change is constant.

New upgrades, new standards, new ways to live, die and everything in between, modern life is all about the new.

The constant stream of ‘new’ isn’t beneficial; it distracts us and adds layers of unnecessary clutter to our minds.

Meditation, mindfulness, and other schools of thought can be practiced, gaining some calm back in our frantic lives. Zen Buddhism is a form of meditation-based Buddhism that encourages one to be minimal and at peace with one’s self.

These days, the concept of Zen can be taken to mean minimal, clean and calm-inducing, this concept can be applied to designing a space. Designing a “Zen” bedroom is the perfect way to create a stress-free haven and help you find your inner calm.

Our bedrooms should be a sanctuary to unwind and destress our minds. A good night’s sleep is vital to our wellbeing, and it all starts with the right bed, but what other ways can we create a peaceful, Zen-like bedroom?

Keep it clean

Clean up your mess; it’s as simple as that.  A clean space is visually pleasing and calming, and you will avoid attracting vermin and other pests. Make cleaning your space a daily ritual.

Use natural materials

Utilizing natural materials such as wood, straw, and clay will bring an inner peace that only mother nature can provide. Raw timbers create a warm atmosphere and age beautifully.

Employ an earthy color pallet

Soft earthy tones can promote a feeling of peace and relaxation. Uniformity is important as you want your eyes to relax and be drawn naturally around your space. Stick with two tones and use gradients of these tones.  

Light fabrics

Keeping with natural, earthy tones, keep your fabrics soft and natural. Your curtains should be light, natural but able to block out unwanted noise and light.

Keep furniture simple and natural

Look for simple wooden furniture with minimalist lines and lack of ornamentation. For the perfect example of minimalist, Zenlike bed frame check out the Pod wooden bed frame from Domayne.

Keep decoration to a minimum

Knick-knacks and other ornamentations can detract from the relaxing space you are trying to create. Only display pieces that are meaningful to you.

Remove electronics

The modern world is full of modern distractions. Keep all electronic distractions out of your bedroom. The light from electronic screens is known to interrupt our normal sleeping patterns, so keep electronics away.

Add some plants

The soft, earthy tones of a Zen-like bedroom match perfectly with the green foliage of plants. Plants not only look good but can promote calmness. There is nothing more zen than being surrounded by nature’s gifts.

Use soft lighting

Nothing is relaxing about blinding sunlight or harsh fluorescent bulbs. Keep your lighting soft, and if you can, natural.

Add some scent

The smell is an often-underutilized design element. Candles, incense, and essential oils can bring a fresh scent to your bedroom. Some scents can invigourate us, and some can be used to calm us and help us sleep. Experiment with natural scents and find your zen.

Keeping calm in this modern age is an art form. While it is most important we find calm and peace within our selves, our surroundings can have a huge impact on our search for happiness.

A peaceful and harmonious bedroom will ensure you start and end the day right, in a state of relaxation and calm. Put down your phone, turn off the TV, listen to your heart, and find your zen in your own home.

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