What are the top 5 most expensive Air Jordans in history?

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Let’s start with some honorable mentions. The Air Jordan V, released in 1990 were the fifth signature sneakers of MJ. This design was created by Tinker Hatfield. What makes these sneakers significant is that it had “Nike Air” on the bottom of the heal, however, in later releases the Nike Air printing was replaced with the jumpman logo. This is a common theme with expensive Air Jordans, they typically have a feature or something significant about them that can’t be found with other versions of the same colorway. That one detail resulted in these cheap Jordans being sold for $10,000. 

Another notable shoe is the Air Jordan XVII (Out of the box). These sneakers were launched in 2002 after MJ had taken a short break from NBA. What also makes these shoes stand out is that they came in a Jumpman embossed carrying case. They sold for $11,267

Now for the top 5. Let’s kick things off with no. 5. The Air Jordan 10 OVO. These Air Jordan 10’s are a limited edition shoe. So, how much do these shoes cost? They are estimated to be worth around $20,000. What drives up the price of these shoes is that the fact that these shoes were gifted to Drake himself. These were the first pair of this line of shoes which created a huge demand from the shoes when released – especially after images leaked of Drake wearing the shoe. 

No. 4.  The Air Jordan 1 (1985 ASG). These shoes were worn by Michael Jordan when he played in the NBA all-star game. His performance in this game wasn’t exactly spectacular but due to wearing these when facing his opponents means they are worth far more now. These shoes are worth $21,780. 

No. 3. Air Jordan 12 (Flu Game). Now these are more or less worth a lot of money for the same reason as the no. 4 shoe. These Air Jordan 12’s were also worn by Michael Jordan during a game except in this game he had the flu. Despite this he still ploughed through and led his team to victory. The story behind it helps justify its $25,000 price tag. 

No. 2. Eminem X Carhartt x Air Jordan 4 Retro. This shoe design had everyone’s attention from the get go. They were designed to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the creation of Shady Records. They are limited edition shoes with Eminem’s branding on it. There was a bidding war for these shoes and the final bid worked out to be a massive $ 30,000. 

No1. Air Jordan Silver Shoes. Have you got a spare $60,000 lying round? Yes? Great! Then you can afford to purchase these extremely rare Air Jordan Silver Shoes. Although these Cheap Air Jordan shoes belonged to Michael Jordan himself, he never once wore them. This is one of the factors that hiked up the price. The shoes were a gift from his wife when he turned 32. Truth be told they may actually be worth more than $60,000 as that was just what they were sold for the last time they went to auction.

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