Making a Fine Trip to Prague with Family and Others


Prague, the capital city of Czech Republic is becoming an important tourist destination in the European Union. It is home to a number of architectural buildings and cultural attractions enabling visitors to explore them with family or others. The city covers several world class museums, bridges, baroque style buildings, and other structures. Moreover, it is an ideal destination for those who want to enjoy their holidays and honeymoon with their spouse to get complete satisfaction. There are many things to do in Prague and one should know more about them in detail from different sources before planning a trip.

Topmost places to visit in Prague

1. Prague Castle

Prague Castle is one of the must-see attractions in Czech Republic because it is the largest complex in the world. The castle has an area of almost 70,000 m² which consists of large palaces and other buildings. In fact, it served as the back seat of Czech rulers and declared as UNESCO’s world heritage site. The castle has undergone repairs and renovations during the Velvet Revolution that stand as an important monument in Prague.

2. Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge which crosses the river Vltava is the oldest one in Prague. It is a Gothic stone bridge built by Charles IV in 1357. It allows visitors to enjoy the breath-taking view of the Prague Castle at sunset. The bridge has survived many floods and stands as an important monument in Prague.

3. Old Town Square

Old Town Square is a historical structure located in the Old Town quarter of Prague. The square is a perfect one for those who want to learn more about different architectural styles and other things. Moreover, the church’s towers are 80m high which stand as a great monument in Prague.

4. Astronomical clock

The astronomical clock is a must-see attraction in Prague because it has three components that attract more visitors. They include the astronomical dial, the walk of the Apostles Figurines, and a Zodiac dial at the bottom.

5. St Vitus Cathedral

St Vitus Cathedral is one of the most important churches in Prague located within Prague Castle. Currently, the cathedral is under the ownership of the Czech Government which contains the tombs of many Bohemian kings and Holy Roman Emperors.

6. The Dancing House

The Dancing House is one of the finest structures located on the Vltava River in Prague. It has a dancing shape supported by 99 concrete panels with different dimensions and shapes that attract more visitors. Moreover, the windows have protruding structures with three dimensional effects. The style of the building is also known as deconstructivist architecture because it has unusual shape.

7. KGB Museum

KGB museum is one of the leading tourist attractions in Prague which features a wide range of memorable things related to Soviet Union Secret Police. Visitors can view spy cameras, secret weapons, and other interrogation equipment.

Travel tips to Prague

1. Czech Crown is the currency used in Prague and one can exchange the same in banks or other places. Visitors should know whether shops, hotels, and restaurants will accept euro currency or not.

2. The best time to visit Prague is from November to March because the expenses are very less during that period. Moreover, the weather is a pleasant one during those months allowing visitors to make a fine trip.

3. Prague has an efficient public transport network that operates buses and other services frequently during the day and night. However, visitors can buy a single ticket for that can help to travel on trams, metro, and buses.

4. Czech is the official language spoken in Prague which is similar to Slovakian language. At the same time, it is very difficult to learn and people can understand English due to tourism activities.

5. Visitors who come from European countries don’t need a local SIM card because it works well in Prague. However, it is necessary to check the details properly before making a trip to the city.

6. There are many shops which accept debit and credit cards while buying certain types of products from them. It is advisable to bring a favourite rewards card for earning a rebate on every purchase.

7. Tourists should check the restaurant bills with care because they will over-charge after ordering the food stuffs. In the same way, they should insist the taxi drivers to put the meters on for reducing high expenses.

8. It is an important one to take care of valuable things including money while traveling to important places in Prague. This will help a lot to prevent robbery and other unwanted issues to a large extent.

9. Smoking is not permitted in enclosed public spaces and visitors should follow them properly for eliminating legal complications.

10. Foreign nationals should carry their passport and visa while traveling to important places in Prague for identification purposes.

11. Visitors should not travel alone in remote places during the late night in order to prevent risks. Moreover, they should avoid crowded areas in Prague to minimize loss of money, pick pocketing, and other problems.

Where to stay in Prague?

There are many hotels in Prague which offer excellent amenities for visitors allowing them to experience the best accommodation. Best Prague hotels involve different types enabling tourists to enjoy a trip with unique amenities. Apart from that, they provide methods to experience high level comforts in the staying process.

Anyone who wants to book budget Prague hotels can search the details from leading hotel websites. Most of them offer discounts on the prices allowing visitors to save more money while booking a hotel. It is possible to reserve a hotel in advance online after comparing the prices. In addition, customers can even focus more on scheduling a trip with family and others. It is advisable to read the terms and conditions properly before reserving a hotel online that can help to avoid unwanted issues. A hotel website making the booking process a simple one allowing visitors to experience peace of mind while planning a trip to Prague.

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