5 Hilarious Signs You Need Laser Hair Removal!

If you think that laser hair removal is something people only pursue for the sake of their vanity, then it’s time to think again! Laser hair removal is a cosmetic treatment that can save you from a bunch of woes, because guess what, there are a few people out there who just cannot rely on any other methods of hair removal.

Not sure if you’re one of them? Here are 5 hilarious signs you need laser hair removal (because waxing and threading just don’t cut it!)

Your friends call you Cousin Itt!

Everyone experiences different levels of hair growth. You’ve probably got a few friends who get by with the occasional waxing every few months, and a few others who need to get their hair removed every month religiously! If you experience hair growth that’s not only thick, but also fast, then you know that more traditional methods of hair removal don’t help you as much as they should. This is a sure-shot sign that you need laser hair removal. After a few sessions, you can completely kill all hair follicles and make sure that you are hairless at all times.

Your money disappears faster than you earn it!

Now this may seem counterintuitive – laser hair removal is, after all, more expensive than waxing. But think about it, if you’re spending a lot of money of getting all that pesky hair removed, wouldn’t it be better to have it all removed permanently? Think of all the money that you’ll save in the long run!

Your Boggart shows a giant clock!

Did you know that women spend 1,728 hours of their lives just shaving their legs? That’s crazy right? If you’re someone who’s always feeling a little strapped for time (and walking into your office with your To-Do list already full has become second nature to you), then you know how hard it is to schedule a waxing session or chalk out time to shave your legs.

Getting laser hair removal can help you permanently cross off a huge recurring task from your list, and use that time for something more productive.

Your last date accidentally called you Mister!

Even when your legs and arms don’t experience a crazy growth, you may end up with heavy facial hair. If every follicle on your hair, from your moustache to your side burns make you feel fuzzier than a sweater, then simple threading won’t work. What you need is to get your hair lasered off permanently and put all that growth behind you once and for all!

You shriek at the slightest instance of pain!

It’s no secret that women suffer a lot for beauty. The pain of being threaded, waxed, plucked, and bleached is like nothing else. However, if you’ve been thinking that you have no choice and must get with the program for the sake of feeling good about the way you look, then you need to think again! Laser hair removal is a pain-free permanent solution that lets you look great without going through light torture at your nearest salon! So, why even go through hell when there’s a much easier way out?

Laser hair removal is a great solution for women who want to get rid of their hair permanently. In this, skilled dermatologists use concentrated beams of light to damage hair follicles to ensure that they never grow back. It takes a few sessions to achieve permanent results, but they are totally worth it. After all, you’ll never have to think about scheduling another hair removal appointment in your life!

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