How Karan Oberoi (KO) got his Lean Machine?

Ever wondered why India’s leading model  Karan Oberoi is called KO? Yes, the simple answer to this question is because of his Body! India’s top male model Karan Oberoi who has one of the most famous physiques on the planet, often questioned by young men especially aspiring models and teen age boys, that how did he manage to get that? Having a body is one thing, but prevailing the attraction with good skin and proportion is something really rare to find. While watching some of his videos it really motivated us to write this article and to share some of his fitness secrets that We had learnt while watching his fitness videos. Karan “KO” Oberoi has not just got the good looking physique but it’s healthy too.  Fitness is a lifestyle for him and KO doesn’t do anything under pressure. He stresses that if you ever wonder to have a body like him, make sure you do it out of love ! Loving yourself is the greatest thing you can do with your life and how does that love cultivates? That is by keep nourishing your body with exercise and eating the right food. Majority of men in our country want to have a great body, but they are often demotivated or try to skip steps. It’s our primary duty to do it the right way, the way India’s leading model Karan Oberoi does it ! Because of KO’s love towards fitness, he has won many awards along the journey that also justifies that why is he looked up as a role model by many. Karan emphasizes not to go the wrong way, eating right and taking care of your body. These should be the priority if you want to achieve that healthy lean machine look that will also lasts long! Here are some of the secrets how Karan Oberoi (KO) managed to get that lean machine look:

· Running has played major role to his fitness. Running everyday at 5 am in the morning has helped him to achieve lean machine look. KO also mentioned in one of his articles that it was really tough for him to get that look and he was inspired by the movie Rocky which helped him to get motivated and he started running like Sylvester Stallone did in the movie! 

· Karan Oberoi aka KO, stresses if you want to have a lean machine body that it is of utmost importance to watch what you eat! It’s more about what you eat than you workout. Because if you don’t control your diet then your hard work in the gym can also go in vain!  

· High protein diet helps you to achieve that lean machine look, because when you eat high protein food it helps you to look lean and hard, lean because protein diet helps to loose wait and make muscles hard where as eating more of carbs can give bloat look and can make you look bigger and not lean.

· Make sure you eat good carbs and not bad carbs, good carbs are like brown rice, quinoa and oats. When you eat good carbs, they can be utilized as energy release and doesn’t store in the body.

· Cardio plays important role in giving lean and shredded look. One should do a lot of running or play any sort of sports to look lean and muscular.

· Workout should also be intense. Make sure you don’t waste much time between your sets. Keeping workout intense with lot of repetitions can help you to look like lean machine.

· Supplements like pre- workout that has caffeine can be used before workout to give you that kick! Because to look like lean machine it’s important that you have good a workout. Drinking black coffee before workout can help you achieve great workout and awarding your workout with protein scoop.

· It is also important to include supplements like whey protein powders and pre- workout supplement to achieve your goal because natural food are unable to give body required food stack.

· It’s not just about looking great but also very important to be fit and healthy, therefore drinking a lot of green tea and herbal drinks keeps the body protected from high toxins.

· Water retention can give bloat look, so to look like lean machine it’s also very important to keep drinking a lot of water to look lean and muscular. This is the secret to look like lean machine like India’s  top male model Karan Oberoi (KO).

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