Three Delicious Chicken Marinade Recipes

Chicken is the most popular of meats. There are thousands of chicken dishes out there, and every cook has at least a couple of their favorite chicken dishes. No wonder that chicken has also conquered the world of fast food. We can find a variety of chicken dishes in many restaurants, although our favorite variation tends to be the deep-fried option, coated in crispy batter.

Marinade – the secret of the great tasting meat

A marinade is a mixture of water and spices poured over the meat which is meant to be cooked. The mixture permeates into the meat, thus making it much tastier. The marinade gives the meat its juicy texture and distinct aroma.

We usually make our own marinades when cooking at home. In the fast-food industry, however, pre-made marinades are the best option. There are spicy and mild versions available, and they give the meat its delicious texture, taste and aroma.

Honey and garlic marinade

Honey and garlic is an excellent flavor combination. The necessary ingredients are one teaspoon of honey and brown mustard, four Garlic cloves and spices like salt and black pepper. Combine the ingredients, rub them into the meat, place in a refrigerator for one hour, and then bake the dish in an oven.

Classic mild marinade

Roasted, marinated chicken meat is the most popular choice for parties. It tastes excellent, either cold or warm. It is delicious in any form.

The classic, mild chicken marinade consists of two full teaspoons of tomato puree, two teaspoons of oil and water, three teaspoons of cane sugar and two teaspoons of honey. As an option, you can add salt, black pepper, marjoram, sweet ground red pepper, and 1 or 2 cloves of pressed garlic. All ingredients must be mixed and put onto the meat. Refrigerate the dish overnight and bake at 180°C-200°C.

Hot chicken marinade for spicy food enthusiasts

The hot chicken marinade is a classic choice for party and bbq cuisine. To make the marinade, you will need one large teaspoon of brown mustard, two cloves of pressed garlic, 1,5 teaspoons of marjoram, half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper, one teaspoon of sweet, ground pepper and one teaspoon of salt. All ingredients must be mixed, rubbed onto the meat, and refrigerated for one hour. All you need to do later is bake the chicken.

The above recipes can be prepared both at home and at small restaurants. Your guests will surely be surprised by the taste of the chicken. For food service establishments serving chicken dishes, it is advised to use ready, pre-made products like the mild or hot chicken marinades. These products save a lot of preparation time, lower the costs of ingredients, and are tried and tested by thousands of clients. The marinade is available in a hot or mild version, which makes chicken dishes ideal for both children and adults.

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