3 New directions of cheap flights

Are you fed up with the popular city breaks destinations like Rome, Porto, Barcelona, Milan or Madrid? Choose one of the lesser known and hence unfairly unappreciated directions for weekend trips. Find out why it’sworth to get the most of the cheap flights to Amman , Podgorica and Odessa. You’ll reach every one of these destinations from the UK in a budget style.

Why should you take a cheap flight to Jordan?

While everyone else is flying to Italy, Spain or Portugal, you dream of a slightly more exotic destination which will not ruin your finances. Jordan may be a great idea for a short trip. Lying in the heart of Middle East, Amman is a perfect hub for day trips. From the capital city of Jordan you could go to the desert, to Petra – rock craved city enlisted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, or to the Red Sea. In the city itself, you should check out the Amman Citadel (Jabal Al-Qal’a) located on a hill top. You’ll particularly love the view from the top and the Roman Theatre from the second century.

An interesting experience will be a ride with the famous Hedjaz Jordan Railway . What’s the best time to fly to Jordan? A smart time to go is when the weather is considerably mild, that is from March to April and from September to October.

How much is a cheap flight to Amman?

Can you go to Middle East without going bankrupt? With cheap flights to Amman provided by Ryanair, it’s very possible. The Irish carrier offers direct flight connections to Jordan from many European airports, but it’s not a bad idea to go for an option with stopovers. It’s worth to look through price calendars because every now an then a good deal of cheap flights to Amman show up, making your holiday even better.

You can also save up on your accomodation. If your expectations aren’t set too high, it’s a good idea to book your hostel in advance, you can do it from esky.co.uk. One night in a room with several people in recommended places like The Boutique Hotel, Cliff Hotel or Sydney Hotel can cost a surprisingly small amount of money per person. Planning your budget for a city break in Amman, remember to include a mandatory visa at the airport for fourty Jordanian dinars.

Going to Montenegro – hot or not?

Montenegro has been increasing its popularity in the recent years in terms of making it a holiday destination, outbeating even more and more expensive Chroatia. But is it worth it to make it a short trip destination, let’s say for a weekend away? Definitely! Just select a cheap flight to Podgorica and plan a day trip to the resorts by the Adriatic Sea. Only fifty kilometers away from you! There are regular bus lines and trains routing to places like Bar, Budva, Perast, Ulcinj and Kotor.

Crystal clear waters of the sea, charming little lanes surrounded by aging townhouses made of stone, as well as breathtaking views – all that is awaiting your arrival. Seafood lovers will be in heaven as they can eat those fresh delicacies in almost every seaside restaurant. What’s the best time to go do Montenegro? Wonderful weather and much lower prices than in the peak of season, pair up from the middle of August until the end of October.

How much will I spend on a flight and accommodation in Montenegro?

When you plan a-few-days-trip to Montenegro yourself, it might turn out that its cost may be comparable to a weekend away in Whitby. How is it possible? Your best option is to book a flight to Podgorica with Wizzair cheap airline. They fly there regularly on many European routes.

A price for cheap flights in this direction can differ depending on the airport they’re departing from. That’s why it’s smart to observe a couple of different offers or see them all in one, using a cheap flight search engine. Some of the search engines, like aforementioned eSky, allow you to check prices of the accomodation in hotels, apartments and hostels, at the same time.

When flying to Kotor, it’s worth it to check out the prices of accomodation in places like Old Town Youth Hostel, Hostel 89 or Apartaments Lazarevic and Apartmani Markovic.

Do we recommend flying to Odessa?

The answer is pretty straightforward. Yes, we do! Odessa is also known as the Pearl of the Black Sea, it lures hundreds of thousands of tourists every year, not just from the Ukraine. Thanks to cheap airline Ryanair’s introduction of cheap flights in that direction, it’s now a perfect destination for short trips from the UK. What to see and do in Odessa? The city’s 18th century architecture is incredible. Among that you’ll also find the city’s trademark – highly decorative building of the Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater.

On the bucket list of Odessa there is also a seaside walk boulevard with the famous Potemkin steps. Climb up the gigantic stairway and you’ll get an amazing view of the port. Hot days are best to visit golend sands of the city beaches, for example Arcadia Beach. In the evening head to Deribasowska street, that’s where’s the city’s nightlife thrives. What’s the best time to fly to Odessa? The cheap flights get really cheap usually in autumn, especially in October and November.

What’s the cost of accommodation in Odessa and how much for the cheap flight?

Odessa is seriously not an expensive city break destination. However, in order to get the most of the low prices for flight and hotel, it’s a good idea to book in advance. You can use the eSky flight search engine to do that. Especially interesting offers of cheap flights to Odessa might come from Wizzair airline. The lowest price will be obtained when booking outside of the main holiday season and when you travel with hand luggage only. Nevertheless, even with a bigger size of luggage you might find a deal that will get you flying.

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