How to Clean Your PVC Leather Fabric in a Right Way?

PVC Leather Fabric

HAs a less expensive alternative to real leather, PVC leather, or Faux leather, is obtained from scraps derived from leather processing. This eco-friendly material is widely used for making furniture, clothing, car upholstery, bags, belts, sofas and so on. In this article, we are going to show you how to clean your PVC leather fabric and offer you some useful tips. Keep reading to know more.

Take Tree Skin PVC Synthetic Leather from Si Hang Leather as an example. This PVC faux leather gains an increasing number of customers’ attention and recognitions across the world. Perfect for car upholstery and sofa, this waterproof, mildew-proof, wear-resistant and fire-resistant leather is good at standing relatively low temperature. Although this PVC leather provides the same properties as real leather, many people claim that they don’t know how to clean it in the right way. However, the good condition of PVC faux fabric greatly determines its lifespan. The followings are the correct procedure for cleaning the PVC leather fabric.

1.Dry the stains

If your PVC leather fabric comes into contact with liquids, food or any other elements, make sure to remove the stuff all with paper towels as quickly as possible. In this way, the stain to be cleaned will be minimized to a great extent, thus saving a lot of cleaning time and energy.

2. Prepare soapy water

To prepare soapy water, fill a container with warm water up to half. Add good dish detergent and then mix well until bubbles are formed. Here comes one tip for you: Never use aggressive detergents simply because these products may damage the material. It should be noted that, completely eliminating the soap from the PVC faux leather fabric can prevent your fabric from damage.

soapy water

3. Clean the stains

Dip a soft and clean cloth in the soapy water and remove excess water. Never allow the water to drain from the cloth, in order to avoid excess saturation between the PVC leather and water. Gently clean the stains with a damp cloth until the stain has been removed. Then wipe the area with a clean, dry and soft cloth. The secret of this effective cleaning is to ensure sufficient humidity given to the fabric while not to impregnate the fabric with water. This allows you to dry your PVC leather fabric quickly to minimize the risk of the damage. When working on a large stained surface, clean one portion of the stains at a time. It means that never delete a very large part all at once. Use a damp cloth on a small area before drying it. Then move on to the next step, following the same procedure until all the stain has been thoroughly cleaned. This will ensure that the skin does not get wet for an extended period of time. It’s not wise of you to leave the PVC leather fabric moist for too long. For the same reason, you should never allow the skin to be soaked with water in a long period of time.

4. Use baby wipes for instant cleaning

If your car upholstery is made of Tree Skin PVC Synthetic Leather from Si Hang Leather, it is advisable for you to always prepare a pack of baby wipes in your car. Experts recommend baby wipe because it provides a solution for immediate cleaning while traveling by car. Baby wipes contain enough moisture to clean stains while maintaining a short drying time. What’s more, intended for cleaning baby’s delicate skin, this product is safe to use on PVC faux leather or real leather. Although it can be relatively expensive to use for larger areas, it is ideal for small spots on your car upholstery.

Baby wipes

5.Polish the faux leather

This is actually an optional step, but it is necessary if the PVC faux leather material needs to be polished. It will be sufficient to get cleansing milk for the surface. It’s enough to pour a small amount of cleansing milk but not oily one on a soft cloth, then rub lightly on the specific place and let it dry naturally. The last step is to rub the fabric with a dry cloth. With this simple product, which all women have at home, it is possible to bring the new appearance to your PVC leather fabric.

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