New Business Tip – How to Use Tech to Give You a Headstart

One of the smartest moves new businesses can make is to integrate tech in their day to day operations. Besides paving way for innovation, tech enhances business efficiency and promotes the ability to grab and act on new opportunities. Although risks have to be taken during the transition phase, the benefits eventually outweigh the shortcomings. So, how can use you use tech to give your new business a head start?

Here are five ways new businesses can leverage tech to propel them to new heights and achieve their goals fast.

Email marketing

Email marketing is still the undisputed king when it comes to tools for business marketing. Emails offer an excellent platform to advertise and communicate with both prospects and existing customers. In fact, before the rise of social media and collaborative tools we now have today, nearly every brand or company had email as a key part of their sales and marketing tech stacks. While its popularity has gone down a bit, it still remains to be an effective tool especially for mass communication.

New businesses can use email platforms such as ActiveCampaign to craft and send engaging and personal messages to leads and buying customers. In addition, email is quite effective when used to showcase your work and collaborate with others in a team.

Artificial intelligence

With technology permeating deep into the business world, artificial intelligence appears to be taking over and bringing serious transformations to organizations. But that’s not surprising considering the numerous benefits the technology brings on board.

Particularly, new businesses are using AI to facilitate automation, enhance quality control, improve security, and help in making more informed decisions. In addition, this tech supports development of effective business strategies, improves predictive analytics, enhances social media analysis, and pushes for extensive use of robotics that make work easier on large scale industries.

Team collaboration

For any organization to attain its set of goals quicker, teamwork is almost always the backbone. Tech is revolutionizing how businesses implement team efforts by altering the way people interact and communicate. For example, social media apps like WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook are promoting instant reach-outs between teammates. These platforms also facilitate quick sharing of media thereby promoting review and exchange of projects on the fly.

Furthermore, today’s tech continues to promote networking and quick exchange of ideas. Businesses are using tech devices to teleconference and minimize the costs of physical meet-ups. On the other hand, apps like Google Calendar allow you to set reminder notifications for more effective scheduling of important business events and meetings. With this, you establish a reliable network, build good relationships, and intensify business exposure.

Lead management

Building a lasting relationship with your customers can serve as a phenomenal springboard to the heights your new business envisions. Use tech to build such rapports with your prospects and as well as manage your existing customers. A good place to start is to use a reliable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to monitor the activities of target audience, whether on social media, email, or even while visiting your website.

CRM tools like Salesforce, Hubspot and PipeDrive can assist you gather valuable prospect information from various sources including social media platforms. As if that’s not enough, most will go a step further to organize this information which you can then use to categorize and qualify your leads. As you can imagine, this process can prove very handy especially if you’re yet to fully understand the specific needs and preferences of your startup’s target audience.

Content marketing

When running a new business, the first step you need to take after it’s all set up is to promote it using as many ways as possible. One of the most effective strategies is content marketing. Just as the name suggests, this model entails creating high-quality content to market a business, whether through social media, on search engines, or even through email.

In all these ways, tech has to pretty much be at the center if your marketing activities are to bear fruits. For example, you need to use relevant tools to conduct keyword research for SEO. In the same vein, autoposters and autoresponder tools will help to speed up your social media and email marketing campaigns respectively. Finally, you will need to use tools like Pingdom, PageSpeed, and GTmetrix to analyze and assess your overall site performance.

With this kind of information, it becomes easier to understand the different areas that your business is lacking and ways to enhance results and performance.

How are you leveraging tech to grow your startup? We’d love to hear your feedback.

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