6 Ways to Make Your Business Eco-Friendly

Regardless of precautions you take, your business will impact the environment in one way or another. It is your duty as the owner of a business to consider how your everyday activities with the business will affect environment.

With the world a mess thanks to climate change and our ever-warming planet, it’s the responsibility of businesses (both small and large) to take control of their eco-damaging habits and prevent any further damage. Smaller business owners might be concerned that their environment effort doesn’t matter but we have to remember, they do. Just a few small changes can be very impactful and make a huge difference. Therefore, you must start by making your business much more eco-efficient.

Yet, you may be sat there wondering, how do you make your business eco-friendlier? Don’t worry we’re here to show you some of the ways you can get your business to go greener and feel better about the impact it’s having on the world around you.

  1. Conserve Water

Wasted water is one of the biggest reasons we use so much energy and often don’t realise why. It may be that you’re leaving the tap on after washing your hands on in the office, or perhaps you have a leaky tap in the coffee room. Make sure if this is happening, whether you have an office or a warehouse or you’re just working from home – that you get it sorted as quickly as possible. Investigate where the leak or excess water is coming from and get a professional out to help. This will not only conserve water but it will equally reduce your water bills going forward, it’s a win-win situation for everyone!

  • Use Green Cleaning Products

You may have a cleaner who tidies up at the end of every day. However, if you don’t and you have to clean up, consider changing your cleaning products to some that are a little greener and eco-friendlier. The chemicals in most cleaning products can have a harmful implication for the environment and to your health too so when it’s possible, switch it up. Ultimately, your skin and the environment you’re saving will thank you. Remember, just because you can’t see the direct damage that these chemically made products are doing to the environment, doesn’t mean they’re not harming us.

  • Recycle

Countless offices lack a recycle bin to place plastics, paper and other recyclable materials, but why? No one really knows. Recycling is just as easy as putting an object in the normal bin but you’re doing your think for the planet without any added effort. Recycling your work materials and anything unwanted means you’re not adding to the countless landfills around and these objects are able to be made into something else in a few years or so. The same goes for electronic items too, a lot of them end up in landfill which is very damaging to the planet. However, why not make use of the countless electronic retailers that have recycling programmes you can utilise? Just be sure to remove all your data before doing anything with them.

  • Adapt Your Business Fleet to Lower Emissions

Utilise the services of purpose-built truck bodies by fitting your business fleets with either smaller engines or fuel-efficient solar technology. This will in turn reduce CO2 emissions plus with vehicles offering advances such as eco-mode cruise control this helps to protect the earth and your overall fuel economy too.

  • Use Alternative Energy Efficient Sources for Power

Power comes in all different shapes and sizes, from solar power to wind and waterpower – the list is practically endless! Many people forget that they can switch to more energy efficient sources for power and therefore allow their business to become greener. Plus, if you can’t change your source then swap out old appliances with energy efficient ones such as your light bulbs or electronic items. There is so much you can do with your small business in order to help save the planet – it’s shocking and very exciting at the same time!

  • Minimise Packaging

Depending on the types of services you offer as a company or business, you may have to use packaging to send off products or transport goods. The best thing about this is that you don’t have to use excessive amounts of packaging and reducing the amount you use will save money and the planet! Research then look for alternative packaging methods to what you currently use and there is a huge likelihood that there is another option for you. Many businesses are opting for the likes of bamboo canvas style packaging now instead of the traditional plastic, but this choice is up to you.

You can even use online recycling sites to sell Apple products and other devices you no longer use from the convenience of your home, allowing you to recoup some cash.

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