American Cheese: What You Must Know

Choosing the best American cheese could overawe even the most seasoned chef when tossing up mouthwatering delicacies. The varieties, taste, difficult-to-pronounce names, ingredients, and textures are bafflingly complicated. Then, there are ways to throw light on cheese so that you can pick the best for your cooking sessions in the kitchen. If you consider Cheddar, you will love its thick texture and crumbly feel when you eat a small slice melting in the warmth of your mouth.

According to an article published on, Cheddar is a versatile variety of American cheese varying colors such as white and orange. Read this guide to learn more about American cheese.


You can try Mascarpone, Quark, Halloumi, Paneer, Stracchino, O’Banon, or Fromage Blanc variety of Mozzarella cheese. You can pair these with food or wine. These American cheese varieties are creamy, easygoing, and some intensely briny. The taste is like that of milk, salt, and Yogurt. You will not be disappointed with madcap flavors when it comes to Mozzarella.

Serve this cheese variety with smoked fish, herbed flatbreads, or buckwheat honey to savor your taste buds. You can also enjoy it with coffee.


Try Monterey, Colby, Asiago, Jack, Morbier, Tomme de Crayeuse, Pawlet, Fontina, Tomme de Savoie, and Raclette varieties. You love the smooth texture and milky taste that you will love to savor with grilled sandwiches. All the Havarti varieties are solid melters.

Serve Havarti cheese with flatbreads, seasoned crackers, tomato jam, or apples. This cheese variety pairs excellently with Pinot Noir, Oaked Chardonnay, Syrah, and Grenache. When it comes to the American cheese guide for dummies, there are plenty of varieties to choose from to pair with food and wine.


Manchester, Ticklemore, Pecorino Toscano PDO, Boont Corners, Queso de Murcia, Berkswell, and Pastorale are some of the delicious Manchego cheese to choose from. Old goat and sheep cheeses are less popular in the US supermarkets than fresh Mozzarella. Then, that does not mean Manchego is not for your consideration. When it comes to Manchego varieties, they taste subtly herbal and even like nutty caramel, and a few feel meaty and intricate.

You will love Manchego with Quince or any other pie or pastry fruit spread, walnuts, and raw almonds. Pair this cheese with your favorite wines such as Merlot, Brown ale, Sangiovese, and Nebbiolo.


Emmentaler, Jarlsberg, Challerhocker, Comte, Pleasant Ridge Reserve, and Gruyere are a few to mention.

The Swiss variety is alpine-styled, cooked, pressed, signifying the cheese variety is hard yet supple and tastes nutty and sweet. It is a good melting cheese when it is the Gruyere bubbling over a bowl of onion gumbo. You will also love the taste of Emmentaler sandwiched between butter and ham.

You can eat the Swiss varieties with high-cacao chocolates, raw onions, pickled onions, or broccoli rabe. Swiss cheese goes best with Jura Vin Jaune, Belgian ale, Sherry, and espresso.


Now that you have this guide, you can choose the best American cheese that suits your taste buds. Pair it with lip-smacking food, wine, coffee, soups, and chocolates. Say cheese!

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