Unique answers to UChicago essay questions to help you get enrolled

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The University of Chicago is one of those educational institutions where application essays include some very provocative questions. For this reason, the task of writing a why uchicago essay is always a challenging one. In this article, you will come across unique why uchicago essay examples and unconventional answers you should study if you want to impress the review committee and get enrolled. What is more, you will learn more about formatting and requirements regarding uchicago essay word limit.

Topics you should avoid

If you want to submit an impressive answer to UChicago supplemental questions, there are a few topics you should definitely avoid in your essay. They are as follows:

  1. The position of UChicago on college ranking lists
  2. The beauty of college campus
  3. Dwelling upon the reasons why this school is the best and how other educational institutions are terrible
  4. Chicago weather

It is advisable to familiarize yourself with why uchicago essay examples before you get down to the writing process of  your application essay. Speaking about uchicago essay word limit, the educational institution does not require an applicant to submit an essay that contains a certain amount of words. However, their FAQ section states that an applicant should aim for 650 words when writing an extended essay. If you have no idea how to write an extended essay, start by taking a closer look at one of the why uchicago essay examples.

Topics to write about

The more unique your answer to the essay question is, the more chances you have to be enrolled. What is particularly advantageous about applying to the University of Chicago is that you write about anything you want (almost). Thus, you have a unique opportunity to express yourself to the best of your ability. What the review committee needs to see is the kind of person you are, what your goals are, as well as how studying at the University of Chicago will help you make all your dreams come true.

Unique answers to essay questions

One of the most effective ways to come up with unique answers to essay prompts is to choose a topic of personal significance. This way, you  will definitely be able to submit unique material as you will dwell upon your own personal experience. If you study some of the available why uchicago essay examples, you will see that each of them stands out from the rest. This aspect is of key importance: if you have a unique story to tell in your essay, do not hesitate to do so.

Using quotes in one’s essay has become so common it no longer creates a positive impression. Yet, it does not mean you should avoid using quotes in general. If you decide to include a quote in your essay, make sure you are able to address it in a meaningful way, as well as explain how relevant it is to the issue under consideration. If you manage to connect it with your own personal experience, the quote you have used will get more meaning.

If you consider yourself to be a creative problem solver, there are tons of ideas you can write about in your essay. The more unconventional the issue you have chosen is going to be, the more chances you will have to demonstrate your creativity and logic. What is more, the review committee will see that you are one of those people who manages to find a solution no matter how problematic the issue seems to be. This skill is of great significance during the course of studying.

Do not forget that the University of Chicago gives you an opportunity to choose your own prompt instead of answering the ones which have been provided by the educational institution. In case one of the provided prompts does speak to you on a personal level, there is nothing to worry about. Pose your own question and give a detailed and fascinating answer. Again, the more controversial the issue is, the more like you will be the one who gets to attend the University of Chicago. Speaking about the topics to write about in your why UChicago essay, the following are appropriate:

  • The intense but challenging studying process at UChicago
  • Core curriculum at UChicago
  • Research opportunities at this college
  • UChicago alumni you admire

Writing a why uchicago essay can be a very frustrating process. What is more, applying to this educational institution requires you to work hard and to demonstrate why you are the best candidate. That is why, providing unique answers to essay prompts is your best shot.

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