Homeschooling a Source to Maximize Child Potential

Traditional schools have come under criticism recently, due to the substandard way in which children are taught as well as due to the fact that many children fail to learn basic manners at school nowadays. Many students fail to learn anything from school and have to take lengthy tuitions instead. To add to this problem, many normal schools fail to give children much needed one on one time. This means that special children are often excluded from many activities. This is where homeschooling comes into the picture. 

Homeschooling can maximize a child’s potential in many ways in which traditional education cannot. Homeschooling involves educating children at home under the supervision of their parents or a qualified tutor. This means that although the child is studying at home, he/she gains the same education as students from normal schools. However, they are given the opportunity to divide the syllabus according to their special needs. 

Every student is different and has a different way of experiencing the learning process. Some students prefer to grasp certain concepts slowly and take more time in learning basic concepts. They usually prefer to perfect their understanding of the concept behind what they are learning. These children often find it hard to cope in regular schools because the primary focus is to complete the syllabus on time, whether the purpose of education is achieved or not. They are often left behind and are seen as ‘weak’ students. However, in reality they are capable enough. Homeschooling provides a platform for such special students who need more time to complete the syllabus. Students can spend extra time on areas in which they are weak. They can find different ways of tackling the same problem. Therefore, it plays a major role in helping to maximize a child’s potential. 

Homeschooling in the UAE is becoming more and more popular in recent years. Many parents have realized that they are able to maximize a child’s learning potential by giving each child separate quality time. In addition to this, many children in the UAE come from different ethnic backgrounds and struggle to cope in regular schools. For such students, there are multiple special education centers in Dubai where such students can go to learn in a specially engineered environment which is designed with these children’ requirements in mind. Dubai has developed a modern education system with various branches that cater to all types of children. This includes children who prefer to do homeschooling for certain reasons. 

There are many ways in which homeschooling in the UAE can benefit the country’s youth. Firstly, many children develop undesirable habits from their peers at school. They slowly become detached from their parents and this has a long-lasting effect on their future. Children that are deprived of their parents teaching, often learn bad manners from their surroundings. Many schools cannot keep a proper check and balance on every single student and this gap helps develop non-cooperation between parents and students. 

Another reason why homeschooling and sending children to special education centers in Dubai is extremely beneficial is due to the fact that it helps save children from neglect. Students in regular schools often struggle from a lack of attention and their questions regarding different aspects of their studies are not addressed through regular education. In Dubai, many schools have a student to teacher ratio of more than 20:1. This means that for every 20 students in a regular school, there is only one teacher. Although this value is better than in many countries around the world, there are still many issues that can arise from such a scenario. Many students are unable to ask the teacher for specific help. However, in homeschooling, the teaching method can be adjusted to suit the child’s learning style. 

Homeschooling also helps accommodate children with special physical disabilities. Many children cannot go to school due to certain illnesses. Physically disabled students have the most benefit from homeschooling as it allows them to achieve their goals regardless of what the rest of society thinks. This helps eliminate the problem of bullying as well. Children with missing limbs or medical conditions can extend their study in order to recover fully if they are enrolled in homeschooling. 

Homeschooling also helps improve the ability of children to engage in self-study. In traditional schooling, the teacher usually solves certain problems in front of the children. This could also be called “spoon-feeding”. Many children fail to take full advantage of their brains’ power because of this. Homeschooling provides an opportunity for students to think deeply and show persistency regarding the understanding of their schoolwork. As a result, the child’s thinking abilities reach their full potential. 

Next time your child comes back from school, you should think twice before deciding whether it will actually benefit them in their long run or whether educating them through a homeschool system would yield better results in terms of reaching a child’s maximum potential.  

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