Regular Maintenance Tips for Your Boatlift

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A boat lift can do more good for your boat than you can imagine. It will keep your boat protected from corrosion, it will store your boat safely during winter and it allows you to easily haul and launch your boat easily. As such it needs a lot of care and maintenance.

If you have a boat lift, you don’t want to fail after a few months or years of use. For that reason, you need to keep it maintained at all times.

Keeping your boat lift well maintained will make it perform its operations smoothly for many years.

If you are still new to the boat lifts the world, then this article shares essential tips for maintaining your boat lift.

Let’s get started.

1. Use Penetrating Oil to Prevent Abrasion

Use Penetrating Oil to Prevent Abrasion

Of course, your boat lifts come with a cable. This cable undergoes too much friction and that can affect its working condition if exposed to too much friction. For that reason, you need to put penetrating oil to the surface of the cable regularly. This way, the galvanized coating on the cable will not be affected.

Besides, penetrating oil will keep the cable stands from rubbing together. But make sure the oil you buy does not contain grease as well.

2. Rinse the Cables

Rinse the Cables

To haul your boat in and out of the water, boat lifts use a specially designed cable that is made from a metal that can be corroded if left inside water for a long time.

To protect the boat lift cable from corrosion, you should raise it above the water and rinse it with fresh or distilled water after every use. Regular rinsing of the cable can prevent it from breaking, corrosion or damage and this can make it last longer.

3. Inspect Your Boat Lift Regularly

Ispect Your Boat Lift Regularly

As a rule, your boat lift needs to stay in a good working condition always. For that reason, you should inspect it routinely regardless of whether it’s a hydro-pneumonic lift or a cable lift.

The regular inspection may include checking and tightening loose nuts and bolts as well as other parts. You should always keep all the movable parts lubricated regularly. 

Also, make sure you check any part that is damaged or worn out and replaces it immediately. If you have an electric boat lift, ensure all the electrical components are functioning properly. You can hire a reliable electrician to check the working state of the electrical components regularly.

4. Observe the Required Weight

Observe the Required Weight

Regular maintenance does not only involve the tightening of loose bolts and other maintenance tasks. It also involves being mindful of the weight you place on your lift.

Usually, every lift is designed to meet particular weight specifications which when exceeded can break or cause other damages. To keep your boat lift in good condition for longer, always don’t exceed the specified size and weight capacity.

5. Run Your Boat Lift Frequently

Run Your Boat Lift Frequently

Do you think your boat lift should run only when it’s peak season? Think again!

Like any other equipment, your lift can become stiff and dirty when left idle for too long. The fact that a boat lift uses a cable to lift your boat means that you should run it frequently to keep it working properly. 

Also, keep other movable parts rinsed and lubricated always.

6. Be Cautious When Replacing Cable Material

Be Cautious When Replacing Cable Material

Most lifts come with stainless steel and galvanized cables. If you are replacing a stainless steel cable, be careful not to replace it with a galvanized one. Stainless steel is a good material in saltwater conditions whereas, galvanized steel is good in freshwater conditions.

7. Leave the Plug Open While the Boat is on the Hoist

Leave the Plug Open While the Boat is on the Hoist

At the time when you are not using your boat, rainwater can collect and this can add weight which can cause more strain on the lift the next time you want to lift your boat. You need to keep rainwater from collecting inside your boat while you are not using it by keeping the plug open always.

Final Words

Boats and lifts cost thousands of dollars and they spend more time in the water than in drylands. As such, they are exposed to all dangers from corrosion to knocking. A boat lift will take care of your boat and so you need to take care of your boat lift as well.

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