3 Rules to Decorate Your Display Window with Mannequin

Display mannequins

The importance of the display window of your clothing store is self-evident, and the effect of the display window is largely determined by the display mannequins! If your display mannequins let the customers stare at your window for 5 seconds, the chance for the transaction will be doubled! So, spend more time to design a display window that will surprise customers! In a limited space, use lighting, color, display mannequins, and display props to create an attractive drawing for customers.

Although the design of the display window is changing all the time, it is not divorced from the following core keys.

1. Style unified

In one window, you need to avoid inconsistent style. For example, one of the two display mannequins is French elegance style, the other is Korean sweet style, or wearing a college-style blouse and overalls. It is very messy, instantly lowering the level of our brand. Therefore, when matching the display mannequins, consistency is fundamental!

When designing your display window, the first thing you need to think about is what the theme of the display window is? Choose the appropriate style. Don’t forget that the display mannequins must match the display window theme!

That is to say, the theme of the display window is elegant and mature style, so the display mannequins should pay attention to the quality of the clothing and the style should be elegant. The accessories, including the style, must be consistent.

2.Color vividness

Use a bright color, which means the easy identification of the display mannequins in the window!

a) the window background is better to match the display mannequins in two contrast colors, which can give people a stronger sense of color impact.

b) the same color of the display mannequins

To avoid making a mistake, display novices can start with the same color. What’s more, with the same color matching, it is also the easiest to match the texture!

c) the same fashion elements

This is an extension of the same color skill! The model of the same fashion element is also very harmonious, which makes it easier to highlight the brand style and the display window theme!

d) the contrast color of the display mannequins

It is very visually appealing when the contrasting colors are matched together! In this way, it is attractive to customers!

3. Detail humanization

When we wear clothes, wrinkles appear in the part of the knees, abdomen, elbows, etc. These humanized shapes in the display mannequins will make the effect of the clothing more natural. The detail humanization is also reflected in whether the button (or zipper) is up, whether the size of the clothing or the choice of thickness is suitable. For example, the zipper of a jacket is usually up when the weather is colder.

Speaking of details, the quality of the display mannequins is an important part of it. If your mannequins are not good, there is a crack in them after using a few days. Customers will think the clothing in your store is not good too. It is not likely for them to buy in your store. Or they think the clothing is your store is cheap and bargain hard with you. Therefore, it is wise to choose high-quality mannequins even if they are more expensive. What’s more, PC mannequin is the first choice among all. It is safe, durable, and friendly to the environment. Buying from the manufacturer directly is a way to save money, here I recommend Posh Concept. You can learn more at their website: http://www.pcmannequins.com/

The display window is the first display area of the store. When the customer passes by the window, it can be very intuitive to see what the main style of the store is. What is the main product? The intuitive display in front of the customer can attract or stimulate the customer to enter the store, so as to make the customer purchase. The shop window will also be used to announce the latest sales information, such as discount information, and many merchants directly put red and eye-catching discount information on the glass. So, make full use of your mannequins to produce better display effects!

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