5 Features that Make Up the Best Internet Provider

Technology is an essential part of our lives. It is hard to imagine life without it. At the center of it all lies one basic component, the internet. It not only helps connect but learn, entertain and do so much more. 

This revolutionary technology is a need. We are always connected and mostly entertained only because of it. Our patience is tested when it is down for some reason or we cannot access it. Life comes at a standstill and we feel lost. It is like the water we drink or the oxygen we breathe. It is no longer a component but an essential building block of our modern-day lives. 

This dependence brings along incentives but it can also be a cause of troubles and anxiety. Get an internet connection that is more trouble than help, and you will truly know how hard life is without it. To ensure you choose the right internet service provider (ISP), we have made up a list of features that make up a great ISP. Read on and learn, so you can enjoy all the perks this beautiful technology has to offer. 


Let’s start with the most basic stuff. You can only avail a service if it is available. What you need to know is that not all service providers offer all the services all over the country. It is not surprising when you can’t even find the biggest providers in your area. Provider availability will vary from one area to another. For instance, you may not be able to find broadband internet everywhere; if that is the case in your area, chances are you have better cable internet services where you live, and that may just be the most viable option for you. 

Download Speeds

The internet is all about download speeds. There will be times when you will look for upload speeds as well but the fact is usually a connection with a good download speed offers equal or decent upload speed. No matter what you use it for, you always want your internet experience to be smooth. Whether you use it for simple tasks like checking email or put the speed to test by streaming a movie on Netflix, you would want to get the internet connection that does not lag or waste your time buffering. The next question you will ask is, how much speed do you actually need? Well, there is no definitive answer to that as usage varies but FCC recommends 3-8 Mbps speeds if you’re using a single device. The more device/users, the more speed you need.

Data Caps

Most service providers have download limits. You can only use your internet to download a limited number of GBs. How much downloading can you actually do depends on the provider and this may also vary with the speed of your internet connection. The limit is usually set at 1 TB or 1000 GBs. Now, this may seem like a lot but consider multiple users downloading files, streaming videos, playing online games, checking emails, surfing the internet, goofing around on social media platforms, etc. All of these activities eat up your sanctioned bandwidth. And if you have a YouTube channel, uploading videos will also consume data. Before you know, it would be all gone and you may be facing slower speeds or total disconnection; resuming to the usual ways will require you to purchase an additional plan. 

Now when you decide what ISP you go for, make sure to keep an eye out for data caps and prefer the rare ones that offer extended data caps or better yet, do not impose any at all.

Customer Service

Best of the best internet can sometimes breakdown. There can be many reasons, the provider is having issues at the back end, maybe your wire is disconnected or a million other things. You need to look for a provider that offers round the clock support. Cox phone number, for example, gets its customers 24/7 support. The aim is to get a provider that is always there to listen to your concerns and get your issues sorted so that you stay connected all the time.

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