Everybody is beautiful in his/her own way. All of us need to love and accept our body as it is. However, it is human to desire something we are blessed less with. Most fashion or advertising models are quite tall so it is normal for short heighted girls to think if a particular dress will look good on them or not. 

If you are on a lower end of the height spectrum, this article will introduce you to some amazing tried and tested wardrobe and styling hacks that will enhance your stature with no compromise on your comfort.

But before we proceed, below are 10 dos and don’ts for short heighted girls in terms of styling. You need to follow these guidelines to pull out the best look.

  1. A dress should either be kissing your ankles or your knees. There is no in between for the length. Fashion experts highly disapprove of anything calf length for they make petite girls look robust.
  2. You have to employ the thumb rule for petite girls at all costs, which is the 2/3rd – 1/3rd rule. According to this rule, whatever bottom your dress in should be long enough to hide two third of your body and the rest should be catered by the top
  3. Adding layers to just the right quantity does a pretty good job too.
  4. The shoulder seam should be positioned correctly and fitting must be on the mark.
  5. A full-sized sleeve is preferred, but a longer length is not a good option. However, you can also wear shorter ones.
  6. Monochromes help deliver a tall stature picture of yours to the observers. 
  7. Baggy dresses make you look further smaller.
  8. You get an accentuated height by wearing dresses with thin vertical stripes on them as they make you look slimmer and thus, elongated.
  9. Always wear elevated footwear everywhere without compromising on your comfort. 
  10. Each accessory used should be small and dainty as they portray a trimmed yet heightened stature. 

Keep reading for some handy outfit ideas that will look best on you if you are one of those pint-sized powerhouses.

  1. Wear deeper necklines 

Your bodice looks elongated when you wear a deep V neck as it flatters your neckline and makes your upper body region look stretched, therefore creating an illusion of a tall frame.

  1. Strategic alterations

Figure hugging clothes will best accentuate your curves and let you look sylphlike. This in turn will make your silhouette appear as lengthened. Know the drill of making strategic alterations to your dresses so that your frame comes out skimmed.     

  1. Bridal dresses

As basic as they are, sweetheart necklines do not work in favor of shorter body frames. They broaden the canvas horizontally making you look shorter. When it is your big day, you can’t go wrong in your dress. A sheer neckline is advised that digs deeper to your waistline and comes with a backless. Your petite frame will easily get swamped by oversized gowns. Full sleeves and high necklines are also to be avoided. Go easy with the fancy details like having an oversized bow also makes you look wider than taller. Draw attention towards you rather than your veil and tail, therefore, keep them simple. 

  1. Jumpsuit

Creating an uninterrupted vertical line, jumpsuits help elongating a petite figure seamlessly. Buying the jumpsuit in petite size is the key. This is important as a correctly fitted jumpsuit gives enhanced lengthening as compared to an oversized one which will make it look like it is wearing you rather than you wearing it. The waistline should be elevated as what matters most for a petite bodice is to have the right proportion so that your legs look longer. 

  1. Footwear

Your footwear should not conceal your legs as they are your weapons you will flaunt to look taller. Therefore, either go for over the knee boots, or ankle length shoes. Your foot looks super elongated if revealed a bit from the toe. Therefore, peep toes work wonders in making you look leaner and taller. Pointed toe shoes are another great option as it helps in elongating the leg. Experts advice to go for nude in this case as it easily blends with the skin tone playing the illusion game strong.

  1. Crop tops with High-waisted pants

The combination of these two clothes, gives a synergistic effect in making you look tall. They both bring the illusion of your middle body part being quite long and if you reveal just a slither of your skin, then it will bring about the best result. 

  1. Stripes over prints

Vertical stripes should be chosen over prints as the latter can overwhelm your petite bodice. Nonetheless, the stripes should be well fitter to your body. Too tight and they go unnoticed, too roomy and it fails to do its job, rather you may appear like a walking barcode. However, if wearing prints is your weakness, go for smaller ones. The overly exaggerated ones are to refrain from. 

  1. Column dressing

Give a boost to your sartorial style by donning into single darker solid tones from shoulder to hemline.  The illusion of height is automatically made when there are least distractions for the observer. The frame looks nicely elongated as the monochromatic shade of the dress gives the impression of the two ends of the body being well far apart. Black, navy blue and wine are some good choices. If this style is coupled with the same colored hat and shoes, then it further elongates your silhouette. 

  1. Voluminous hairstyle

Ditch the usual hairstyle you make to almost everywhere. Experiment fearlessly with high buns, ponytails, the French twist and deep side part hairstyles. For shorter hair, a messy look will play the game. 


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