Steps which Dubai has taken to promote tourism

In past years, Dubai has played an essential part in promoting tourism. Tourism industry holds an extreme position in customer services. Dubai is mentioned as one of the top countries in promoting tourism. It has the status of leading and top tourist destination. Government takes essential steps to improve and fulfill the demands of tourists. Hotels in UAE are also playing a key role to develop the tourism.

1997, Dubai

Tourism and Ecommerce marketing developed for planning and supervision. This department plays the role of ensuring customer services and maintains the development of tourism. It also has the responsibility of licensing the travel agents, hotels and restaurants. Some of the essential strategies include:

Dubai hospitality services:

Dubai’s progress for tourism mainly depends upon its hospitality services. It is well known for its planned relationship management system and challenging with top hospitality brands. Dubai has the leadership status in the market by running the hotels, restaurants and management at CRM strategies. Hilton, Marriots, Hayaat and many other hotels in bur Dubai are examples of providing luxury and incredible services to the customer. 

Innovation in the airline industry:

Necessary advancement changes have been made to fulfil the requirements of the customer in the airline industry. Airline companies have planned to provide best facilities like comfortable seats, cabin and flight facility. While in unexpected details, airline industries also expected to introduce the possibilities to meet the demands. 

Dubai duty-free shopping model:

10 percent of passengers travelling to Dubai had Dubai duty free in 1983. The main reason of this project is to provide first-class facilities and sales growth. The Dubai duty-free model has attracted tourists from all over the world.

Dubai upcoming mega-project:

Dubai government has a plan to start some big projects to increase the tourism rate. These new projects include Taj Mehal, Dubai Theme Park and Muhammad Bin Rashid city etc. These projects have increased because the Taj Mehal attracted millions of visitors in 2012. In the long term, these projects must have a tremendous positive impact on the tourism industry.  

Quality transportation service:

In recent years, Dubai has ranked among the top 40 countries in providing the best taxi services. Dubai has continuously struggled in providing the best taxi and metro services in the hospitality environment. Its services and management program has attracted the attention of people from all over the world. It also has been playing an essential role in providing best services to different audiences, tourists, travellers and residence.

Promote tourism:

The main objective of any Govt. and administration at the national and local level is to promote tourism. Their most significant challenge is that what lever must be used to attract new visitors. Choosing the place to visit is offered by travelers who normally have many varieties of options. Travellers usually choose the one which meets all their demands and budget. The offer for the new place is increasing day by day as competition. You can get knowledge and goal about the different types of tourists and trip.

Knowing the interests of your tourist

You must have an interest in knowing the hobbies, interests, nature and social network of the tourists. You can also have an exciting experience in a specific factor by testimonials between bloggers and reliable people.

Organize these actions into a strategy 

Organize these steps into the plan provides you with success without any massive financial investment. But these actions invest your intelligence and energy. It must be beneficial and much more comfortable. About thirty years ago, there were only desert trading posts as compared to the instant success of Dubai. It also depends upon the power of money in the tourism sector.

These processes are started by Govt. and have been successful. Logistics do not have an interest in major works but have involved in necessary infrastructure. They have an interest in connecting roads, trains and not too distant airports. You will not depend on things that cannot be dealing with local administration staff. But we need the inclusion of central government. Overall, you also realize that the smallest area and village can also be a part of the tourist’s attraction.

Dubai tourism strategy 2020

 In 2013, Dubai had the basic concept of attracting 20 million visitors by 2020. The main reason is to make the first-choice status to Dubai for business and leisure trips. It includes different offers like events, attractions, infrastructure, services and packages to a broader audience. The strategy focuses on three objectives: 

  • Keeping market share in remaining source markets
  • Increasing market share in markets with high growth latent
  • The number of repeat visits must increase.  

By taking some necessary steps and planning strategies tourism can be promoted more aggressively in Dubai. Hospitality sector, hotels and airlines companies are an important part to promote tourism and lead the name “Dubai” at the top of the one in the list of countries which are endorsing tourism. 

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