Looking For The Happening Student Accommodation? This Is All That You Need

Student accommodation is associated with a lot of ideals and dreams for students. The portrayal of hostel life in teen movies, again and again, has made it appear to be a golden period and a dream-like fantasy. Students can’t wait to experience university life and hostel life.

Students have certain and great expectations from their student accommodation. Here, we will unravel what most of these expectations and dreams are.

1. Independence

Independence what people crave most from student accommodation. For many students, living in  student accommodation is the first time that they will be away from their homes. 4 years can be a long stretch of time to spend away from home. University life is a period when students are really beginning to find themselves as people. The mixture of all of the above makes independence very valuable for students.

2. Freedom

You might be thinking, isn’t freedom the same as independence? 

Not exactly.

Independence is about no parental authority over you. Students cannot be forced to follow someone else’s command in the hostel. Freedom is about the power over their action and no longer being limited in what they can do. Children are often limited in their freedom in what they can do. Parents can restrict many things. In student accommodation, there is no such restriction except for criminal acts.

Students are free to do whatever they want and experiment with their life. This can be for good or bad but they are free to do it. Freedom is intensely valued for this reason by students in student accommodation. Student accommodation in central locations like Iglu Brisbane CBD can be most productive to experiment with freedom.

3. Companionship

Many students want their student accommodation to be a place where they can make new friends. Going to university is often the first time that many students get the chance to meet people from different places. With a mix of people from other parts of the country and abroad , it is a whole new community.

Friendships formed in university are some of the deepest and long lasting in life. This is because they go hand in hand with professional and personal development. Students thus want their hostels to be places where they can make bonds. The opportunities to form friendships should be provided in hostel. This can be through common rooms, lounges and other amenities which encourage people out of their rooms.

4. Personal Growth

University can teach you a lot. University is, after all, the period when you are being groomed for professional entry. If you add student accommodation to the mix, you can learn a lot more. Life in student accommodation can teach you a lot about finding yourself as a person. Responsibility, diligence, hygiene, and many other qualities are determined in student housing. Free from the care and supervision of parents, students can grow and spread their wings. Thus, many students opt for student accommodation for personal growth and discovery.

5. Adaptability

Finally, student accommodation is often the first experience in adaptability for many students. Adaptability and versatility are very important traits for an adult life. They can teach individuals how to navigate between difficult circumstances. Students thus want to learn how to respond to different situations.


Students expect a lot from student accommodation. It makes sense why they put hostel life on such a high pedestal. Students can go in as juveniles and emerge as fully formed adults if they get the opportunity to live in the right accommodation.

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